Sinful love


Sinful Love

But in an alternate world

Where the notions of right and wrong do not exist

I will love you with all my sinful heart

And ask you to be mine.

(c) 2017 Arpita Pramanick



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The beauty of being a woman

This morning I was in my flatmate’s room and saw the wonderful wall designs she has recently put up. I found the room tastefully decorated and personalized, with a lot of pictures of hers and twinkling electric lights. With its warm curtains, the room had a feminine touch to it.

Which made me go down the winding lanes of thoughts, where I was seeking the beauty of being a woman.

A woman decorates: herself and her surroundings. A good part of a woman’s day might go into grooming herself. She wants to pick the right dress, the right color, the right make-up, the right hair-do: All in order to add a perceived sense of beauty about her being. She does not limit it to herself: she also cleans her surroundings, buys pieces of art to decorate, works on DIY project.

She also like to cook the tastiest of food. She picks the fresh vegetables, finds the right spice to go in the right food and weaves magic in the kitchen.

She also focuses on the people around her. She wants her parents to be happy, her siblings to be happy, her boyfriend/husband to be happy, her children to be happy. She finds her happiness in being around people, in others’ happiness. She wants to stay connected to the thick pulses of happiness that flows when people are content.

She travels the world: she sees the mountains and reflects on the serenity of life; she sees the oceans and reflects on the constant flow of life. She watches the tall city-scapes that the generations have built and wonders how on a minute place in the universe, on Planet Earth, such a sophisticated life form – Homo sapiens – came to exist.

She also works in a typically man’s world. She challenges ideas, she argues, she confidently puts forth her point of view. She leads teams of people, nurtures them, wants them to grow with her.

Sometimes, she had bad days too. Her blue days. Her red days. Her blackest of days. Days when she does not want to smile, does not want to make others smile. Days when she looks out the window, into the trees where the squirrels run, and wishes she could just transform into one of them and live a carefree life for the rest of her days.

Today is one of the good days. Today, a girl is happy. Today, a woman is happy. Today, a daughter is happy. Today, a mother is happy. A sister, a lover, a wife. Happy.

Today is a good day.

Here’s to the beauty of womanhood and all the challenges it entails. Because it’s worth it.

Until later!

(c) 2017 Arpita Pramanick

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Happy Diwali!

So, I wake up this morning and see these beautiful rays of sun lighting up my window and I think, once again, “Gosh, is it ten already!?”


I take my phone out and check the time and it turns out that it’s only 7.30 AM. My heart dances in a sudden flutter and a surge of happiness flows through my body. I keep looking at the sunlight, wondering if I should get up that or enjoy some more comforting moments in the comfort of my mink blanket.

I am not a rain person, so the Bangalore weather was not really to my taste the last couple of months. Even after I came back from home (West Bengal) after a 3 weeks vacation, the rains had not subsided. I would get half-drenched every single day while returning from office. However, the last three-four odd days, the weather has been better: the threatening clouds still roamed about and cast a gloomy glow all over, but they controlled themselves from creating a downpour. I think I also saw some fog on my way back from office last night. Winter is coming!

All those bad memories of rains are now forgiven, thanks to these beautiful sun rays outside my window this morning.


And what a day too, for the Sun god to be glorious! For major length and breadth of India, we are celebrating Diwali – the festival of lights, the victory of god vs evil.

To all the readers of this blog, Happy Diwali! I hope you guys have a great time! I leave you with a quirky song recipe for making payesh, a Bengali sweet dish, by a Youtuber I follow:

Until later, enjoy!


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Are we just numbers?

In this age of technology, are we today reduced to just numbers? We are our phone numbers to our contacts, a unique ID to the government, numbers in hospitals as we wait for our turn to see the doctor and numbers in correctional centres. Numbers, today, have become our identifications. It is necessary for our communication. Numbers are easy to code, easy to store and easy to process. It preserves uniqueness to a large extent.

But what does being a number do to the self? When we treat someone as a number, somewhere we end up de-humanizing them. We reduce them to an object, devoid of feelings and awareness. We treat them likewise. Does this make us less human, less empathetic and our businesses more fierce, more profit-oriented?

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the Comments below.

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Durga Puja Vacation Begins…

Today I went with my brother and my mother to do some last minute shopping for Durga puja. I did buy couple of clothes myself before I came from Bangalore, but my mom, being the parent, wanted to gift me some more.

So, we went to Big Bazaar and Junction mall.

When I was in school, all these malls were not so much in fashion. In fact, they were not even there. Durga puja was the only time when we bought new clothes. I do not remember if I waited eagerly for that day when the new clothes would come; I suppose I did.

However, buying clothes, in the past, was never a comfortable experience because my father dominated the decision.

I remember this one time when I wanted a fancy white-and-red frock and my father was not at all convinced. In the end, we bought something else. I can imagine my disappointment.

Now, grown up, there is a sense of independence. I am free to choose my own clothes.

As far as clothes are concerned, my choices are simple and practical. What I am not convinced of is how branded clothes are priced. Having grown up in a middle class family who were used to shopping non-branded clothes, I do think twice before investing in a shirt worth two thousand bucks. I really do not understand if the piece of cloth is value for money. However, with the way consumerism is going, we have few choices.

Anyway, Durga puja is in full force. I am meeting some old friends from school and later going to my maternal uncle’s place. Holidays are in full swing!

Be back with more updates over the vacation.

Until later!

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Hello all,

It’s been sometime since I posted something book-related. I started this blog with the goal of making it my author platform. However, somewhere along the line, it became more of a personal blog. At the moment, I am happy for it to be whatever it is right now.

Anyway, my good friend, Anan, shared me an email yesterday about a free book giveaway on Instafreebie. If you have a non-fiction self-help book under your portfolio and would like to give it away for free for a few days, you can team up with Sarah Barbour and do it! Please refer to this link for more details.

My first non-fiction ebook, How I tamed the dragon named fear, fits the bill for this giveaway. To give a brief on the book, HITTDNF is a very short, self-help book on how to tame your fears. It’s a personal journey where I have picked examples from my own life and demonstrated how I have been able to overcome my fears over the years.

However, it is also currently part of KDP Select program, which does not allow me to put the book for free anywhere else. So, I thought, why not give out a free giveaway through the KDP Select program itself?


If you have not had a chance to read it yet, here’s an opportunity for you to download and read the book. Please do let me know what you think of it! 🙂

Until later!

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Bug Infestation is real!!

We all have seen multiple advertisements of pest control on billboards, TV and other forms of social media. But, I was blissfully unaware of how huge the problem could be until very recently.

I have been seeing cockroaches in the house for the past few months. Last night, I discovered bedbugs in my bed!

It’s like all hell breaking loose. This incident has made it all the more important to maintain cleanliness in the house. Right now, I am reading up about tackling the bugs, but I have a feeling that we need a more regular cadence of cleaning up.

On other note, my new roommate got chicken pox! I was under the impression that chicken pox usually happens in springtime. Apparently, that’s not the case. Since I have not got it before, I am starting to think of ways to prevent it from getting too severe.

Talk about adult life problems! 😦

However, I am trying my best to keep up a cheery mood, because I feel that being sad will in fact increase the chances of falling sick. So, here’s to more smiles!

Until later!


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