Do you have 7 AM friends?

Today, I woke up at 7 AM in the morning. I had gone to bed close to 1 AM, so I was a little surprised when I woke up six hours later, feeling quite fresh. My first instinct was to go back to sleep (the sun was shrouded by fog, so the light that filtered into the room was not harsh enough to rub the sleep off). However, on the other hand, I have not got up this early in the morning in a really long time (in fact, I cannot remember when was the last time I woke up at 7 AM – I have very clear memories of staying awake till three AM, I was up even yesterday).

I have always been this morning person. As a student, I woke up early, ate my breakfast, studied for a while, got ready for school and left. In college too, I used to wake up early, because I wanted to use about two hours of study time. I generally can concentrate better in the mornings and I could remember the things that I read in the mornings as well.

When I first came to Bangalore, we had to get up early in the morning too. I remember in the first fourteen days of work life, we were staying at this company provided accommodation. They gave us complimentary breakfast as well. It was good food. I was staying in a beautiful flat and learning to negotiate Bangalore life, which was different from the life I was used to.

Then I moved to my current flat. That time too, we used to wake up in the morning. I was sharing my room and we had dedicated bathing times to make things easier. So, you couldn’t afford to sleep too late. The maid would come in the morning, the cook that couple of my flatmates were using would come in the morning! The house was abuzz with life in the morning. I even started cooking and packing lunch for work for quite sometime.

Then came the change of timing: from 1 to 10 PM. There was no incentive anymore to waking up early, so my routine kept changing and changing, till the average time when I got up from bed hit 9 AM.

I do not like that one bit. I want to wake up in the morning and see the first rays of the sun. I want to feel the morning chill and romanticize all the cool things that I can do until I absolutely need to get ready for office. I want to go out in the balcony and watch parents dropping little kids to school. I have been getting more and more frustrated of not having enough time to myself before going to work – somehow it does not satiate the me time within me.

When I woke up this morning, there was nobody in the house. My roommate’s bed had not been slept in. I felt strange, being alone in the house. I wanted to talk to someone.

You cannot call up people at 7 AM these days. Most of the people I know are either in their last hour of sleep before they have to start getting ready for work, or have only gone to sleep two hours back. I hate waking up people from sleep. Somehow, I remember college days. During college days, you could call up people at 7 AM and expect people to take your call – because they would be up studying too. Now, I do not know anyone’s schedules. I don’t know what is the right time to call, except for the weekends. In the end, I called my family and spoke to my father and mother.

Communication has diversified so much. But communicating, in a way, has become harder. There are so many constraints around availability.

I don’t have a 7 AM friend. In fact, it is easier to find a 3 AM friend than a 7 AM friend. What do you think?

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ArtSci Fest 2018, Bangalore

Hi there,

Yesterday, I happened to go to Phoenix Market city to check out the ArtSci Fest. They have segregated an area in LG floor and set up a makeshift gallery. The exhibition comprises of art by 22 artists across the country, so if you are an art lover you must visit the place. The show is on till 5th of March and public display starts from 24th of this month.

Though the show is under-installation at the moment (with pictures still being put up), the organizers were happy to let me in. I spent quite some time there, looking at the art, taking pictures (photography is allowed). I also got a chance to speak to the veteran artist from Kerala, Shafeeque Punathil. He was an old, friendly and humble man. We spoke at length about art, modern art, Shafeeque’s 40-year old art career. I never expect a man his age to be this grounded and willing to discuss his thoughts. He showed me his art on his Facebook timeline, spoke to me about his late wife and his daughters. I truly enjoyed speaking to him. He also kindly offered to take a photo of mine:


The art of display ranges from pure traditional art to modern abstract art. I am not aware of the contemporary Indian art scene and do not know any of the artists on display, but to look at the splash of colors was simply amazing. There were some wonderful sculptures which make you sit back and take notice.


If you want to see more of these art, check out my video:

However, if you are based out of Bangalore, you must visit the place in person to appreciate the majestic display.

Let me know in the Comments what you think. 🙂

Until later, smile and be creative! ❤

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The Lament of an Insomniac

Today, after so many days, I actually slept in the afternoon! I know, I know. At this point you are probably rolling your eyes and saying, “People will blog about anything these days!”

Hold your judgement right there, sirs and madams! Insomnia is a problem. In fact, for me, it is perhaps the biggest problem. I can adjust with every inconvenience ever, only if you let me sleep for eight hours straight in the night.

For at least four weeks now, I had been dealing with lack of sleep. I would lie in my bed till three, four in the morning and wonder when the sleep fairy will shower some fairy dust on me and I will slip into dreamland.

And each moment that I was awake, I kept thinking why on Earth I was not falling asleep?

Mind you, I am a very active person. For a week in this sleepless period, I had been hitting the gym every day – hoping the physical activity will tire me to sleep. Na-da! I also cook my own food, clean my own dishes, walk to and fro from office, go for afternoon walk post snacks break – I am pretty active by a corporate cog standard. Then, why is it that I cannot fall asleep?

One can be sleepless for multiple reasons: stress, being disturbed due to noise or light in the night, etc. etc. These could have definitely contributed to my sleeplessness. But I think the biggest thing that stopped me from falling asleep was THINKING!

Yes, you read that right. Thinking! I will tell you what has been on my mind lately. My YouTube channel! On a fateful Saturday afternoon in December, after waking up from a cozy nap, looking pretty with my bed hair, I got inspired to start a YouTube channel. Since that afternoon to today’s, life has literally come full circle.

Let me tell you what happened in the last one month: I produced five videos (including this week’s) – one per week. Now, video-making, as easy as YouTubers may make it look like, it is not. It is a lot of work: starting with planning the topic to breaking down how to shoot each scene to finally shooting, editing and publishing the content for the world to see. It is like a day job in itself. It’s amazing how less we think of how much time-consuming a task is, unless we have to do it ourselves. When you are a newbie and are trying to do everything yourself, guess what happens? You keep frying your brain cells and end up being an insomniac. Trust me, my brain feels the most active at 4 AM in the night when I am struggling to sleep: I can literally see the myriad thoughts floating in my head.

I have been told, kindly, by a close friend, that I should consider publishing fortnightly instead of weekly, so I think less of video-making in a week. It’s a great suggestion, and I have thought about it myself. Thing is, I do not want to do it. Not yet!

Sleep is too small a thing to stop me from doing something I love. I have to find other ways for falling asleep. I have tried meditation, considered taking sleeping pills, kept the fan on to shut out the worldly noise. Nothing worked! So guess what I did last night? I called up a bunch of folks and spoke to them as long as it took to keep myself distracted from YouTube. Some great conversation there! I was up until 1.30 AM in the morning, shouting on the phone. I also watched a bunch of comedy shows on YouTube and laughed my heart out.

I was rewarded well for it. I did fall sleep, after playing a kill-or-get-bitten game with my bed-mates aka the bed-bugs.

When I woke up this morning, I was weak in the knees, but after the longest time, I was well rested. The only thing is I woke up with a croaky voice, thanks to all the shouting I did on the phone. Guess, you can only solve one problem at a time!

Until later, keep the murky thoughts aside and enjoy the warm sleep inside your blankets. May the sleep fairy be generous with you. ❤

P.S.: If you guys want to see the awesome videos that are keeping me from falling asleep, do check out my YouTube channel and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button. As a teaser, I leave you with the latest video:


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What did I buy recently?

Hey guys!

I am sure the title of this post will come off as slightly unusual for those of you who have been following me for a while: I do not create blog-posts on my shopping haul. There is a reason why I am writing today’s post. It has got to do with my blogging goals of 2018.

In 2018, I wanted to try out new things with this blog. So the other day, I sat down with a notebook and jotted down which things I had never written about in my blog before. Shopping haul was one of them, so was my fitness routine.

Okay, so starting off!

  1. A laptop table: This was on my to-buy list for the longest time! I stay in a flat with absolutely no furniture, except for the bed. I was tired of looking at the laptop with my neck bent down. I needed it to be at an eye level, so my neck could stay well. 


    IMG_20180107_175730424I bought this from a shop called Wood World in Marathalli, Bangalore for 500 bucks. I am very proud of this purchase. Not only I use this table for working on the laptop, but also to have the occasional meal, as my camera holder while filming videos as well a bedside table to keep things on in the night. It is incredibly useful! Finally, it feels like I have a work-space in my room!

  2. Next up is a shoe that I got during the Christmas sale from Hush Puppies. It’s office wear and is made of leather. I purchased it at 30% off at Rs. 2500. IMG_20180107_175819144It’s a little tight for me right now (they did not have a size five, but since I liked it so much I got the size four). However, I understand that leather stretches with time, so things should work out fine in the long run.
  3. Up next, is a thermoflask from Milton. I actually wanted to buy a good quality steel bottle, because there is so much concern regarding drinking water in plastic bottle. This too was on an offer when I bought it, at Rs. 530.IMG_20180107_181609082
  4. As some of guys know, I recently started my YouTube channel. I am constantly on the search to buy decorative pieces for the room, so that I have a good background to film against. One of those searches led to this baby here:IMG_20180107_175909434I got this for just Rs. 49 at Reliance (Clearance sale!) and absolutely love how cute it is.
  5. We had secret Santa fairly late this year (got our gifts just this Friday). My secret child had a sling bag on her wishlist, so this is what I got for her! IMG_20180104_232648612I am pretty much in love with the bag myself. I hope the person I gifted it to cherishes it as much. This was for Rs. 1,200 on Amazon, but if you use Amazon Pay Balance you can get for Rs. 150 lesser.

Now, as a bonus, I am also going to show you what I myself received for secret Santa. Drum-rolls, please!


This is again a decorative piece for my channel, and I absolutely love it.

That concludes my recent shopping haul. I hope you guys enjoyed this newness on this platform. If you did, please let me know in the Comments!

P.S: Have you watched the latest video on my YouTube channel? It’s about giving vent to all the different things we want to do in our lives, but end up not doing because we restrict ourselves at the label that our job descriptions provide us. Here goes:


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My fitness routine

Hello everyone,

Today, I am going to talk to you about my fitness regime!

I am not sure exactly when I started going to the gym, but I formed a proper routine about 5 weeks back. The idea was to go to the gym for four days a week, followed by two days of exercising at home and one day of complete rest. I was able to follow this religiously for three weeks straight, but then, things got messed up and I stopped going. The cold weather and the warm blanket did not help matters much.

However, now that the new year is in, I have again started hitting the gym and this time, I hope to continue this stint for a month and not put a break.

So, what exactly do I do in the gym?

  1. Twenty minutes of running+walking on the treadmill: I begin with walking and gradually start to run, occasionally slowing down to walk. I can do approx. 2.5 km within those 20 minutes, but I am still far from running for 20 minutes at a stretch
  2. Ten minutes of cycling: This makes me cover about 3 km, depending on how fast I am going
  3. About six pull-ups, need to increase this
  4. About one lap of weight training with 2.5 kg dumb bells

I am overweight by approx. 10 kg, so I have a long way to go before I am at my ideal weight. Now that I have realized this, I have some objective goal to work towards this year. The strength training part is important for me because my shoulders are quite weak (I feel tired even if I carry a small backpack for a few hours – makes me totally unsuitable for day trips or treks).

How about you guys? What are your 2018 fitness goals? Share with me in the Comments!

Here’s to a healthy 2018.


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Happy New Year!

What’s up, blogosphere?! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!

For those of you who have been regulars to this platform, welcome back to another bright new year. For my new followers, thank you for visiting me and choosing to be part of my journey! You can read a little bit about me here.

For the past three-ish years, this blog was like a online journal for me. It started off as a writer’s platform, but gradually molded to a more personal blog as my priorities changed. This year, I do not expect that to change by a lot. However, given that I started a new YouTube channel, I will be re-visiting what I want to share through this space. I have been writing for a long time and my love for that has by no means reduced. However, I do want to explore other avenues of self-expression and the vlog came out naturally out of that want.

I’ll surely talk about that in detail once I have a plan ready.

As I mentioned in the last post, I expect 2018 to be a happy, warm new year. I have my resolutions all noted down. The broad themes are:

  1. Health – Gym! Gym! Gym!
  2. Eat healthy
  3. Maintain minimalist lifestyle
  4. 10K subscribers on YouTube by 2018 end
  5. Travel to at least three places
  6. Give something back to the society
  7. Be more social

I think the last point will be my focus for 2018. I have worked a lot on my communication last year. I called up a lot of folks yesterday and caught up with their life. This year, I want to meet more people personally and share and understand their stories.

In fact, I have been toying with the idea of having a bloggers’ get-together for a while now. So, if someone of you are in Bangalore and think that such a meet might be a good idea, please let me know. I’d love to catch up.

Will be back with more posts in the coming days. Until later, take care and spread some love!


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Last post of the year | Goodbye, 2017

I do not like odd numbers. From the beginning of this year, I knew 2017 was not going to be nice for me. You know those feelings which you feel in your gut? Well, it was one of those feelings.

However, 2017 turned out to be quite an interesting year. It was not the worst year of my life, but it did throw some difficult punches at me. There was a period when I was fighting depression and trying to find a grip in life. I am thankful to the amount of love and help that I have received from people, both in the WordPress community and outside. I am back to being my pre-depressed self and feel much better now.

2017 taught me a lot of things. One of them was to cherish the important relationships in our lives. I am thankful to each and everyone of you who has visited my site and interacted with me on this platform. You guys have given me a lot of love. Thank you and I hope to continue this in the new year.

I have created sort of a summary video of 2017 in my YouTube. I would be happy if you guys take out some time and check it out.

The vlog is my latest obsession and something that I am incredibly proud of. I am glad that I am walking towards 2018 with something that makes me happy and keeps me fulfilled.

I hope all of you have something like this to look forward to in the coming year. It could be a pet, a book that you are writing or a habit that you are trying to form. It could be your family or the new job that you worked so hard to get. I hope all of us look at 2018 with renewed hopes and energy.

Those of you who are looking at 2018 with some fear in your hearts, trust me: it is going to be an wonderful year. After all, it is an even-numbered year. It just gives me the positive vibes! 😀

I will see you guys in the new year, with some fresh blog posts. Please let me know if there is something that you would want me to write about in the new year. I would also probably collaborate for some guest posts. And I want to interview some of you as well! I remember how much fun I used to have while interviewing authors for this blog in its first year. Let’s see if we can bring some of that back.

Until later, lots of love and best wishes. Rock the new year!

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