Last Day in College: Gosh! Am I an engineer already?

On 30th May, 2015 I graduated as an Electronics and Communication engineer. It was officially the last day of college. Four years of the engineering program has taught me a lot of things. Starting from the first day when I nervously stepped onto the corridors of my college, to the last day of exam, sitting on the college ground with friends, planning a last meeting before we went back to our respective hometowns– lots of things happened in too short a time. In these four years I have seen friendships form and break; relationships grow and ebb, laughter and tears, joys of being placed through campus recruitments to frustrations due to exam pressure. The emotions are high, and I find it difficult to write about them coherently right now. I hope sometime in future I shall revisit these memories and write about them, sharing the anecdotes about my friends (and foes… no scratch that, I don’t have foes!). Some of them really make for wonderful stories! And I know that these people, their emotions and actions will somehow haunt me forever, taking shape in the characters I create.

The last day of college was marked by scribbling random messages on each other’s college uniforms – shirts which were wet with our sweats and smelly, but which will never be washed again, so that these wishes written in ink stay forever (I know it sounds yuck! But well, we are crazy, and proudly so!). And the most wonderful gift that my friends gave me is recorded in these pictures:


The Shirt





I am just so lucky that these people believe in my writing abilities, and inspire me to do well in future. Thank you so much, guys!

And yes, that tired looking lady in the last picture is me! I know, I am really not that photogenic. But who cares about how a writer looks, right?

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