Take control of your title and tagline

Titles and taglines are the tiny labels that let our readers know what our blogs are all about. The more specific they are, the better.

My blog title is Scribbles@Arpita, and I love it, basically because it reminds of the random ideas I would scribble down as a child in my diaries and copies. I believe that habit has somewhat nourished the writer in me. Plus, the title got a bit of Twittery feel about it, too!

The tagline however was not something I was pleased about. Earlier it was:

Musings of an Aspiring Author

But it was too generic and I was tired of seeing the word ‘musing’ everywhere. So, I searched awhile for a quote (did I mention that I absolutely love quotes?) that might reflect the theme of my blog, and voila! I found it. Now, my tagline is this beautiful quote by Kelley Armstrong:

Storytelling is my passion, and it rises from a love of reading.

It’s totally in sync with my feelings. I love reading and writing and each exists because of the other.


About Arpita

Arpita Pramanick is a little, young woman with a bright face (who'd rather not look directly into a stranger's eye) you'll find walking on the corridors of Mu Sigma, Inc. She tells herself she wants to be a properly published writer (by which she means she wants to be published from the likes of Penguin), but isn't really so sincere about writing everyday. So if you see her, tell her to go write. She'll love you for doing that!
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3 Responses to Take control of your title and tagline

  1. rupatamang says:

    The tagline simply describe “you” . Love it 🙂


  2. hlhivy says:

    Nice to see someone here who obviously loves the way words taste in her mouth – or sing in her ears.

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