Hello, neighbours!

Since I am learning to be a writer, I tend to follow blogs which talk about the craft. I love authors’ websites, and learning about the experience of becoming an author. I enjoy reading Joanna Barnard’s posts very much for this reason.

Today I followed the following blogs:

I am a nerd and I know it.: Because I love nerds and those who love books!

The Diligent Dilettante: Wow, that is some name! I am sure I am going to enjoy this creative mind’s musings!

 humble little thoughts: I loved Gabi’s recent post, Finding that perfect place.

femmempower: I simply loved the style and elegance of the lady owning this blog!

Me Talks!: Once in a while it’s nice to find someone with the same nationality in such a multi-cultural space.

The tags that I followed today are:
Art and Design, Books, Magazines, Photography, Writing/Blogging.

So there you go, that was my nerdy list!

P.S: Speaking of following blogs, I received the first 50 follows on my blog yesterday. I would like to thank all you bloggers who take the time out to read my posts. It’s you who make the art of blogging a joy for me. Happy blogging, folks!

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