From Newspaper to Blog – A Guest Post by Rangan Datta

This guest post was long due. Back in May, when I was publishing Guest Blogs as part of my Saturday Specials series, I had requested my professor and fellow blogger, Mr. Rangan Datta, to contribute a piece about his journey as a travel column writer in leading newspapers in Kolkata to a travel blogger. However, due to time constraints, he had not been able to provide me with the write-up at that time. It gives me immense pleasure to finally host Mr. Datta today, as the guest blogger.

Mr. Datta  is a mathematics teacher by profession and teaches students right from high school to post graduate (Computer application & Management) level. He works as a freelancer with several Management & IT institutes in Salt Lake, Calcutta. He is also an extensive traveler and an avid photographer. Initially, he wrote about his travel experiences in The Statesman and The Telegraph, two leading newspapers in Kolkata. But as the digital wave swept in, he found a new home for his travel exploits on his blog. On 17th June this year, he completes four years in the blogosphere. A very happy anniversary, sir! May your journey continue for years to come.

From Newspaper to Blog

Guest post by Rangan Datta 


Photo Courtesy: Amitabha Gupta for Rangan Datta’s blog

“…….there are many, who has become famous by blogging, and many famous people have taken to blogging.”

– Anuradha Goyal, Blogger and author of The Mouse Charmers

 “I live to travel, sadly I don’t travel to live.”

My early travels: I watched the grand spectacle unfold before my eyes. The last rays of the setting sun have struck Kanchenjunga, turning the white snow into golden yellow, on the distant western horizon the peaks of Lhotse, Makalu and Everest have also turned golden too. I was in Sandakphu (3636 meters), the highest point in West Bengal.

As darkness descended, I remember that it was only a couple of days ago I wrote the last paper of my graduation (B.Com.). I was still without a job and was uncertain about my future, but I was already a veteran traveler and was looking for a career in travel.

My first break: Early morning 12 Sept. 2001, just a few hours ago the world has witnessed the worst ever terrorist attack in human history, the two towers of the World Trade Centre in New York have been demolished. No wonder the news papers next day carried extensive coverage on the terrorist attack. The Statesman was no exception, but the real surprise awaited me in the pages of Mid Week supplement. It carried my first ever publication “Langtan, in the land of Yaks,” a travelogue about my treks in a remote valley in Nepal.

 A regular travel columnist: Although The Statesman gave me my first break, it was The Telegraph that turned me into a regular travel writer. I became a regular name in the column “Next Weekend you can be at…” and started concentrating on places next door.

Blog vs. Newspaper: When my travelogues were regularly published in the “Next weekend you can be at…” column of The Telegraph, blogging was making its inroads in India. Many of my friends took up blogging, but I was solely concentrating on print media as I had an impression the “Blogging was for everybody but newspaper columns were for special people.”

Into the world of Blogging: Soon I was able to understand that I was on wrong tracks. The Telegraph column soon became infrequent and I was also unable to publish my works on Kolkata. Finally I ventured into the world of Blogging, with the focus of publishing my unpublished works on my own city. Within a short span of time my blog started attracting visitors and I even started getting paid advertisement. I was invited for familiarization (FAM) in India and abroad and my blog was appreciated by the bestselling author Amitav Ghosh.

On 17 June 2015 my blog will complete four years and I am looking forward for years of blogging.

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