‘Bound By Life’ : An emotional read

Hiya folks! Just received the first blog review of my book, Bound by Life. And is that nice! Thank you so much, Jahnavi for your kindest words.

Please check out Jahnavi’s blog, I really enjoy reading her posts. Thank you! 🙂

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On a rainy day, when I was craving for an emotional read, I came across Arpita Pramanick’s ‘Bound by life’. It’s subtitle ‘Short stories from India’ attracted me because I am an Indian and I wanted to see how the author portrayed our country. When I started reading that book, I just couldn’t put it down.

The book is a collection of 10 simple, heart-warming stories which linger with you even after you close the book. In this book, the flavors of India are handpicked and woven into tales that engage you thoroughly. The stories aptly reflect various aspects of India: the bond between the family members, the taboos in the society, the generation gap, and women empowerment. The narration is simple, straightforward and brilliant. What I loved most is that the protagonist in each story comes out as a strong, independent person leaving the reader a subtle message. Though the…

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