Launching…MINI MOMENTS (Short Stories/Poems within 80 words)! Are You Ready?

Got a story/poem under 80 words? Head over to Debolina’s blog and share it. She’ll publish it on her blog on Friday. Check it out, give a try. Spread your footsteps.

Giving Words to Emotions

Bored of reading long posts?

Want to know about the climax fast?

Do you have a few seconds to read?

Can you write a very, very short story?

If YES, then ‘MINI MOMENTS’ is here! Every Friday, this section in my blog will feature miniature short stories or poems within 80 words.

Why moments? I did not want to call it stories or tales because the emotion or essence is captured in just a moment, it is felt and expressed in a moment.

Why 80 words? Actually, quite random.

Hoe can you join in? Yes, of course. If you have such stories/poems in mind, just shoot a mail to  with subject as ‘Mini Moments- your name’. I will publish in a template with your name.

What will you get? Absolutely nothing, but the sheer pleasure of writing/sharing and the fun challenge in creating and working with innovative ideas.

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About Arpita

Arpita Pramanick is a little, young woman with a bright face (who'd rather not look directly into a stranger's eye) you'll find walking on the corridors of Mu Sigma, Inc. She tells herself she wants to be a properly published writer (by which she means she wants to be published from the likes of Penguin), but isn't really so sincere about writing everyday. So if you see her, tell her to go write. She'll love you for doing that!
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