Launching…MINI MOMENTS (Short Stories/Poems within 80 words)! Are You Ready?

Got a story/poem under 80 words? Head over to Debolina’s blog and share it. She’ll publish it on her blog on Friday. Check it out, give a try. Spread your footsteps.

Giving Words to Emotions

Bored of reading long posts?

Want to know about the climax fast?

Do you have a few seconds to read?

Can you write a very, very short story?

If YES, then ‘MINI MOMENTS’ is here! Every Friday, this section in my blog will feature miniature short stories or poems within 80 words.

Why moments? I did not want to call it stories or tales because the emotion or essence is captured in just a moment, it is felt and expressed in a moment.

Why 80 words? Actually, quite random.

Hoe can you join in? Yes, of course. If you have such stories/poems in mind, just shoot a mail to  with subject as ‘Mini Moments- your name’. I will publish in a template with your name.

What will you get? Absolutely nothing, but the sheer pleasure of writing/sharing and the fun challenge in creating and working with innovative ideas.

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