Caged — a Guest Post

On this historic day of Indian Independence, it is somewhat ironic and to an extent, fitting that my latest guest post talks about being ‘caged’. Please check it out on the lovely Belinda’s blog!

Thank you so much Belinda, for this opportunity. I have always wanted to write this piece, but if it weren’t for your guest post invitation, I might not have written it at all! 🙂

My World With Words

TGuest Postoday I’m honored to share a post by guest blogger, Arpita Pramanick. Arpita is a talented author and recently published a collection of her insightful and sensitive short stories, “Bound by Life,” available through Amazon Kindle. As a special offer, from now until Aug. 19th the book will be available for only $0.99.

I asked Arpita if she would write something for followers of my blog because I see such kindness and thoughtfulness in her writing, qualities I always wish to emulate. What follows is a true story about a little girl in her neighborhood in India.


When I was in high school, Nisha and her family came to live in the flat apartment opposite to ours. Both the families lived on the first floor and our balcony faced theirs. Nisha was probably three or four at the time. She was thin, fair, as cute as a…

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