Ten superstitions that I have grown up hearing

Here’s a list of superstitions that I have grown up hearing, thanks to my parents:

  1. Do not cut your nails on your birth day (.i.e the day of the week that you were born on). Also, avoid Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for cutting nails.
  2. Do not leave home on the day of the week that you were born.
  3. Do not sleep/lie down at dusk, when the evening worship* is going on.
  4. Do not eat anything while the evening worship is on-going.
  5. For girls: Do not leave your hair open at dusk. Do not go out of the house with your hair open after dusk.
  6. Don’t eat any fruits right after bathing. Take a few cubes of sugar and then eat that delicious mango you’re salivating for.
  7. If someone sneezes right at the moment when you’re about to step out of the house, wait awhile and then go. Do not leave right away. It’s unlucky.
  8. It is unlucky to travel if you see bananas before leaving.
  9. It is unlucky to travel if you see brooms before leaving.
  10. Do not touch the front wheel of your bicycle/bike with your feet. Apparently, the front wheel symbolizes God! (Or not, I have no clue.)

The aim of this post is not to bash the customs/beliefs that a large portion of community believes in. I do believe that most superstitions had their origins in something scientific/explainable. For example, one of the other superstitions that the older folk of my family observed was: “Come out of the house and blow conch-shells if you feel an earthquake.” Of course, it is clever to be outdoors during an earthquake. But the conch-shell part included in this ritual was probably to make everyone aware of the on-going earthquake, so that everyone in their houses came out to safety.

Sadly, the silt of the years have covered the logic behind most things and all we see now is blind following of certain rituals.

What about you? Are there any superstitions that you know of? Do let me know in the comments.

*Evening worship: In every Hindu family, the lady of the house (as I have seen in my family and most others) worships the deities installed in the house. The worshipped are mainly pictures/statuettes of the Hindu gods and goddesses. Incense sticks are burned and diyas are lit. Conch-shells are also blown, which is considered very auspicious.

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9 thoughts on “Ten superstitions that I have grown up hearing

  1. Vishvas Arora

    One superstition which I know is to never cut your nails after 6 in the evening. To some extent it is logical also as in earlier days there was no electricity so if you try to cut your nails after 6 i.e. in dark you can easily hurt yourself.

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  2. Anand

    An interesting list πŸ˜€ Something that you dream in the morning hours is bound to come true. I go to bed praying that I dream that I’ve become rich! I’m not sure about blowing the conch-shells – because I’d be trapped inside the house trying to find one.

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    1. Arpita Post author

      Haha. Were you the lady of the house, you should know where the conch shell was kept! πŸ˜€ Yes, I forgot to add that one about the dreams: thanks for pointing out.



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