Day 11 of Writing 101: A Silly Poem

Disclaimer: Today, my dear reader, you’re going to read the silliest poem that I have penned by far. I have been reading Peter Pan recently, so you can guess the inspiration (though, by no means I claim to be JM Barrie). So, if you will excuse my not-so-productive poem (because indeed for the past few weeks I have been doing little other than blogging/writing), I will go try my hand at some other craft, and present you with a more productive outcome tomorrow (or some other day). Sounds about right? Let’s march on then, in rhyme and rhythm!

A Silly Poem


w1o1: Writing 101, A: Arpita (yours truly)

W101: What do you do, when you do not write?

A: I eat through the day and sleep through the night!

W101: And is that all that you do, my dear?

A: Oh, no! Β I eat, I sleep and I coo coo, you hear?

W101: Coo coo? What’s coo coo?

A: It’s that word that rhymes with ‘boo boo.’

W101: ‘Coo, coo’, ‘boo, boo’, are you outta your mind?

A: Hey, now you’re being rude and also unkind.

A writer will write and write some more.

That’s all she does and does it some more.

W101: Oh, you’re wrong. You’re so very wrong.

You should take breaks to sing good song.

You do need breaks to get refreshed

And edit that story that’s still half-baked.

Breaks give you new eyes to look and see

And rewrite your stuff with mirth and glee

A: Ah! Now I see why ideas are rare

It’s ’cause my head is so unclear

with too much staring at the empty page

It’s like my mind is put in a cage

Were I to now go and roam in the garden

I’ll see flowers and draw ’em with a pen

I’ll draw a flower and I’ll write a story

’bout a gardener and her pretty blue-berry

But the berries are all bitter and that’s her plight

Oh, please ‘cuse me, I got a story to write!

Got a story to write! Got a story to write!

Then eat through the day and sleep through the night.

The (Thank God for it) Β End

A Note to the Reader:

Are you an illustrator? Or a photographer? If you are, I would very much like you to collaborate with me on a short story that I publish on the blog in future. In return, I will publish an interview of you on Scribbles@Arpita, promoting your work and your website. I have previously worked with an illustrator when my story, Grandma’s Photograph, was published in the Story Shack e-magazine. Please check out the picture & the story here. The picture of the woman in the illustration is indeed that of my grandmother! I absolutely adore the illustrator, Ms. Lakshmy, since then.

If you’d like to collaborate with me, please contact me via the contact form given below and we’ll take it ahead from there.

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    1. Arpita Post author

      You could. Or you could directly ask someone to collaborate (via their blogs/The W101 Commons). πŸ™‚ You could ask another blogger for an interview (on blogging/writing/whatever attracts you to their blog). Choose your pick! πŸ™‚

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