The Coffee Convert

I am neither a coffee nor a tea person. So far I have been happy to be so, because I have seen so many people (including my mom) complain of headaches if they do not get that cup of morning or evening tea.Β But I might be a convert soon!

Today was my second day at office and one of the coolest things about the place, according to a few colleagues, is the free coffee and tea from the vending machine. Coffee is available in three flavours (I think) there; espresso and latte being two. My first cup today was an espresso. Actually, I had meant to press the button for latte but somehow ended up pressing the one next to it. My bad!

Espresso was officially my first coffee, during the early days of college. One of my then-roommates had taken me to City Centre 1 and treated me to an Espresso. I had pretty much decided to give up trying coffee after I tasted that thing. My pretty taste buds don’t like bitter (just like my ears!).

It took a few dates with the cold coffee at Cafe Coffee Day to revive my romance with caffeine (Did you know that cold coffee has less caffeine than the hot brew?). I have been a fan of cold coffee since the third year of college, I suppose, but not to the extent to have coffee everyday (I might have been, if it was not so expensive at CCD!).

Anyways, as I took the first sip today, my mouth instantly revolted. I was like, who likes this bitter drink anyway? If you’re an espresso fan, feel free to talk about your love here. I’m so curious to know how possibly someone can love that thing.

The second cup of coffee was the ever-sweet, milky latte. I sipped it slowly with the straw, savouring every drop. I’d have had some more cups, but then I won’t be far from getting that coffee-craving-headache, would I? I so don’t want to end up like my mom.

Seems like work life has started playing its charms on me! I might be, in a few days, officially, a coffee convert.

How long have you been taking tea/coffee? Was there any specific time period when you started taking them? Β Do you get a headache if you don’t get that cup of tea? Jump into the discussion! Leave me a comment below.

23 thoughts on “The Coffee Convert

  1. Jellyfish Mama

    I’ve always been a tea person, ever since I decided to go off to the ever-cold North of England for college and several cups of tea a day became a ritual for my friends and I. I do get headaches when I don’t get my caffeine fix which is a bother 😦 The worst of course was when I was expected and had to reduce my caffeine intake:the headaches coupled with morning sickness nearly drove me crazy!

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  2. Annie

    I’m so pleased to see your post! Your office sounds really cool. Hope you’re enjoying your adventure.

    I started drinking coffee when I was in university. (That was a long, long time ago.) It helped me when I was burning the midnight oil studying for exams. I’ve been cooed ever since.

    I do have tea (must be English Breakfast!) in the morning too, but if I don’t have at least a cup of coffee a day, I’d feel off, and I’d get a headache.

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      1. Annie

        I think it’s the sugar withdrawal more than caffeine withdrawal. (I take my coffee with sugar, but no milk.) I don’t know if I’m addicted to the caffeine in the coffee, the combined taste of sugar and coffee, or just the act of drinking coffee itself…

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