Of Changed Priorities, Books and Book Reviews

When I was back at home, enjoying the longest holidays, I was pretty sure that no matter how busy I were, I’ll always find time to write. Little did I know how Time can wash you away like a wave and you’re no more than a small twig bobbing up and down those waves.

I did write a few posts since coming here, but as more and more time passes, Work+Life seem to suck me in. Suddenly, there are more important things to do other than writing.

However, I am about to shift to a (more) permanent accommodation in one or two days. Hopefully, once I am completely settled in and fallen into a regular pattern, I will find time to write regularly. The one good thing to this is that I will have a lot of material to write about.

Even though I am not being able to write as much as I would like to, I am still connected to writing in other ways. Today, I wrote a review on Amazon for Chrissy Lessey’s The Hunted, the second book in the Crystal Coast series. The Hunted released on October 15th on Kindle. I had received the Advanced Reader Copy from the author. I loved the plot and the characters but what I love most about authors of fantasy genre is their amazing capability to create believable fictional worlds. Also, this was the first time I read about autism in a story. Tthe sharp images that Chrissy created in this book with a five-year old autistic child will stay with me for a long time. There were few lazy adjectives and some over-used words, but the story was engaging from beginning to end. If fantasy is your thing, do give this author a try.

I am about 50 pages through The God of Small Things. It is unlike any book I have read so far. The very first chapter threw me into the private life of a family, without giving much background info. It was distracting at first. But I am getting used to the author’s voice now. The best thing about the Roy’s writing style is the unusual adjectives. They are so fresh, new and never-heard-before.

What about you? What book are you reading right now? Share with me in the Comments.

15 thoughts on “Of Changed Priorities, Books and Book Reviews

  1. Vibrant

    I have heard about “The God Of Small Things.”

    I am not reading any books. I hate reading books LOL 😀

    I hope you get settled to the best of your satisfaction. Have a great weekend.

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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  2. krupajnanda

    So far busy schedule is going on cause of Festival and Diwali house cleaning stuffs! So hardly get the time to write even a post too! And for reading, when I try read one or two paragraphs and suddenly I found myself to feeling asleep! 😉 But anyways, once everything is done, m gonna be back. 🙂

    Hope you get settled Asap. So that we can enjoy your each post. 😊

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  3. sarthak0501

    I love your passion for writing and it makes me lil bit disappointed when I do not see your post. I am sure you will learn to get time for writing from the busy schedule 🙂 . I think one way, if possible, could be to write in lil pieces during the work hours and then compiling it. 😀 :p

    Currently I am reading Quran but I think I won’t be able to complete it.

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  4. Anand

    Sarthak0501’s suggestion is an excellent one – but if you’ve just joined a new place of work, it can be difficult to implement. I do derive a sort of evil satisfaction when I see others riding the same riddled-boat of time. Welcome to the Stressed-for-time-land.

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