Food Troubles

The one thing that is a big problem once you’re out of home is the food. No matter how much you pay, no food will be like home food – that’s given.

Ever since I left home earlier this month, my food woes have increased by leaps and bounds. The entire first week since I came here I had acidity. The food in the office canteen is varied and good, but none fills my taste-buds with ecstasy. Plus, having to pay everyday for every meal I eat was not something I was used to. During college I stayed at a paying guest accommodation where we had meals three times a day for a monthly payment. Here, seeing the hundred rupee notes deplete by the day, my heart cringes! When you come from Bengal, even a hundred rupee note means a lot.

Meanwhile, my appetite also seems to have made some drastic modifications. These days, I am perpetually hungry. Even though last night I had rice in an amount which was sufficient for me at home, I spent a good part of the night feeling hungry. The nagging pain of hunger kept me awake. The situation has been the same for a number of nights since I came here. I’m guessing this has something to do with the cool weather of this place. I think I should increase the quantity of what I eat.

While I was tossing and turning in my bed I realized what it must feel to go without food for days. A big lesson in Life.

Have you faced food issues away from home? Share with me in the Comments section.


About Arpita

Arpita is currently working as an analyst in Mu Sigma, Bangalore. While she loves her job, but her heart is tied deeply to creative outlets. Reading, writing, travelling, and more recently, making videos excite her and shape her day to day life. She's also very approachable and is willing to pick a conversation if she happens to meet you.
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17 Responses to Food Troubles

  1. krupajnanda says:

    Correct! We never get the food like home.. 😦

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  2. Vamagandhi says:

    World is facing Syrian refugee crisis, terrorism, greece economy crisis, Indian cow crisis, Cricket crisis…..and you are worried about the canteen food. Arundhati Roy would come from oblivion and blast you like anything. Hahaha 🙂

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  3. vellissima says:

    I can see that if you are used to meals being prepared for you, it would be hard to gauge what you need. Maybe you should try to have some healthy food on hand for when you’re hungry. Maybe you should learn how to cook for yourself and take your own yummy lunches to work.

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  4. sandmanjazz says:

    I have a little bit of that problem due to the nature of my trade. Principally it is because four nights a week I won’t be home until after midnight and it is getting into the habit of cooking, unwinding and going to bed. Frequently, I end up doing something earlier in the day I can heat up late.

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  5. I’ve never lived far from home so I wouldn’t be able to relate to that but I think a reason why you still felt hungry after eating is because you’ve become too aware of how much you’ve eaten. Or your mind has never payed much attention to your eating habits until now, so it suddenly processed the change, got you conscious about it, making you want more. But that’s just my two cent’s worth of opinion 🙂

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  6. kbose says:

    Try to find some bengali stalls nearby…If you are in ITPL then on the backgate there is one bengali food corner ..If you are in KPTP then you will find one on the way of Cosmos bus stop… 🙂

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  7. Check for some good restaurants nearby but I read in your other post that you are already making good food. So, try cooking whenever possible. You can find a lot of easy recipes in youtube. When I was working, I used to wake up very early in the morning to cook food . The day I was lazy to get up, I recollected the taste of the horrible canteen food and that itself motivated me to wake up and cook something 😀

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