3 Day, 3 Quotes Challenge: Day 2

“Respect is earned.
Honesty is appreciated.
Trust is gained.
Loyalty is returned.”

I found this  quote on my Reader today and immediately fell in love with it. I googled the quote for a narrator. Apparently, this quote was cited on Twitter on July 23, 2010. It’s not known who authored the lines. Such a beautiful quote as this deserves a name behind this.

If I were to sum up the philosophy of my life in a few words, I guess this quote would be the best way to describe it.

What about you? Share with me in the Comments.

Have a great day, folks!


About Arpita

Arpita Pramanick is a little, young woman with a bright face (who'd rather not look directly into a stranger's eye) you'll find walking on the corridors of Mu Sigma, Inc. She tells herself she wants to be a properly published writer (by which she means she wants to be published from the likes of Penguin), but isn't really so sincere about writing everyday. So if you see her, tell her to go write. She'll love you for doing that!
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3 Responses to 3 Day, 3 Quotes Challenge: Day 2

  1. rosemawrites says:

    It totally made sense!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ghotibaatea says:

    Respect, once sold; honesty, once misunderstood; trust, once lost; and loyalty, once betrayed…that kind of started out nice but has led to absolutely nowhere. Mental note : leave making up nice nice quotes to other people. 🙂

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