So it’s been two months since I came to Bangalore. The fear and insecurities that I had before stepping foot in this city were palpable in my blog-posts. Looking back upon those days, reviewing what I had been feeling at the time, I find that so far I have been quite lucky.

My biggest worry was how to find a proper place to stay. I had had enough of staying at paying guest accommodation in college days. But I wasn’t sure whether I would be able to afford a flat here either. Thankfully, the very day I came here I found someone who offered me a room in the flat where she was moving. So, one problem was solved.

Bangalore, I heard, is an expensive city. Coming from West Bengal, it especially feels that way. Having lived here for two months and constantly checking with my mother the grocery bills, I am convinced that Bangalore is not as expensive as people make it out to be. Sure, the transport cost if high. But thankfully, I live near office, so commuting cost is saved.

Speaking of travelling: I had always wanted to see places. But since coming, I haven’t had a chance to see much of where I am. First and foremost reason is I don’t know much people around to go out with yet. Second is, I  work from 9 AM to past 9 PM. But guess I must strive to explore the city in the coming days.

There were days in college and post-college when no day was any different from the other. Each day looked, smelled and felt the same. Having just joined work life, I already learnt to appreciate the importance of weekends, and realized why Friday nights feel like festivals. Not that I have been partying hard, but not having that constraint to wake up at 7 AM in the morning is so relaxing!

The best outcome of being so far from home and working at a place called Mu Sigma is, you are pushed to your most extreme limits. So, in the end, if you do come out unscathed by circumstances, you are stronger, you are better, and you are someone who you’re proud to be. Talking about pride, it’s 10 PM and I must go cook something for myself – whatever little I cook has been appreciated time and again by my flatmates, that is one more thing that excites me about life@Bangalore!

Have you ever lived in a city other than your hometown? How was the first dates with the new city like, when both you and the city were testing each other? Share with me in the Comments.

P.S: My ebook, Bound by Life, is available for free download from 9th December through 13th December on Amazon. So, if you haven’t already downloaded it, do it NOW!


13 thoughts on “Life@Bangalore

  1. Vamagandhi

    Bangalore welcomes Bong-gal, and since I changed places too often in life like a typical nomadic Bihari, I would say each place is a new reason to learn. Being a doc, I learnt Marathi in Maharashtra, Kannada in Karnataka (reading and writing both), and now learnt pretty okay Norsk before I move to Norway. I learnt Bengali script too, to read Sharatchandra but finally read all in Devnagari. E-book, will read on kindle, after finishing my present read.

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  2. Jahnavi Chintakunta

    Arpita, good to know that you are adjusting to the new place. Your post reminds me of my early years in Bangalore. Like you, I too had moved to Bangalore for my first job. I stayed in a paying guest accommodation for few months and later I had moved to a flat with my friends. We used to take turns cooking over weekdays and went for shopping every weekend.Enjoy these days when you are earning and have a few responsibilities. Have a fantastic time ahead.

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    1. Arpita Post author

      Thank you so much. I find a sense of freedom in the ‘few responsibilities.’ But that said, I believe this time is teaching me enough for taking up makor responsibilities in life.

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  3. belinda o

    I’ve moved multiple times to new cities, and it’s an adjustment every time. Things are done differently, expectations are not always clear, even subtle things like slang aren’t the same. Working the hours you do sounds challenging, good luck!

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      1. ganeshkum

        I just downloaded bound by life on my kindle..would read stories tomorrow..hey ..plz read one of my story in my blog : remembering college days..i hope you like it


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