Let’s gift a book this Christmas!

Christmas celebration, all these years in my Bengali family, was cutting a chocolate fruit cake and watching Christmas celebrations on the TV.

But this is my first Christmas after I got a job, and I wanted to do something special! So, when I saw this Facebook post, I knew what I had to do:


Abhijit is a friend from college. I contacted him and he sent me the address where I was supposed to send the book as a gift. The address was of one of my college senior’s. Thanks to e-marketing giant, Amazon, it took me a few clicks to send the gift-wrapped book on the way!

As the next step, I was to publish the same post on my Facebook Wall and wait for book-lovers to comment. A few asked me questions via message. They kept wondering how this works. Well this is how it is:

Say you see my Facebook post and comment on it saying you’re interested, I give you Abhijit’s address and you send a book to him. Then, you copy my status and post on your Wall. When someone interested, say X, comments to your post, you share my address with that person and and s/he sends a book to me . When Y comments on X’s status saying s/he is interested, X shares your address with Y and Y sends a book to you and the chain so continues.

So, will this work? Of course it will, if you take part in it and send a book! You don’t know the person who you’ll send it to, but that’s the beauty of this! You send a book to a stranger, but a fellow book lover, and hope that s/he likes what you send. It feels like I am back in the old days when people used to have pen friends and wait for each other’s letters to know each other better.

So, this Christmas, if you’re in India, will you gift a book to a fellow book-lover and help me complete a chain? I’ll be waiting for your response. Please comment on my Facebook page to let me know if you’re interested:



P.S: From now on, I will share all the stories of my personal growth on this blog: The Lady in Making. Be sure to check out the latest Christmas post I shared over there! If my personal stories do interest you, feel free to follow The Lady in Making!

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