Money wala headache

A young working woman’s tryst with Tax and Investments!

The Lady in Making

With the recent salary structure change at Mu Sigma, suddenly the new joinees ended  up being in the tax bracket in the very first year of their career, which was not the case with the earlier year batches.

Being in the tax bracket means you have to start thinking about planning about the money and make investments ASAP. So, these days I keep hearing a lot of discussion around this. From the discussion, I found three different types of people:

The first are the ones who are plain afraid of the word tax. They don’t want to think about it, just ’cause it takes some much thought. Truly speaking, the tax process is complex and for fresh college graduates who just started the freedom of spending their own money, the whole tax procedure seems like an added burden.

The second, like me, want to save every single paisa they can…

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