Interview with Arpita from Scribbles@Arpita

Check out my little QnA with dear friend and blogger, Anan! Anan and I met when I was taking Writing 101 in September and since then, she has been a dear fried. Thank you so much, Anan, for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts! Lots of love ❤

Yarnful of Stories

Writing 101 last Septemder lead me to meeting many awesome people, bloggers, of whom Arpita is one of the most significant. Her humor and sheer variety of blogging themes inspired me time and again. Today, we have her over for the first EVER interview on Khan’s Lantern! For thoose of you who’ve been with me through the past few months will know her from my post Comment Inspired.

Arpita Pramanick The engineer-cum-writer in all her glory

What meaning does blogging hold for you?
Arpi: Honestly speaking, I started Scribbles@Arpita (March, 2015) because every author must have a blog, or so they say. I had, of course, been planning to be an author from much before that, but my first ebook had not been published until a few months later. The idea was to have a platform to promote the book. But having blogged here for close to a year now, I…

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