‘R’ you there?

Blogging after a long time, but about technologies that I learnt at the workplace. Naturally, the post went to the other blog where I write about life in Bangalore. All you tech-lovers out there, please reach out in the comments.

The Lady in Making

The good part about working in an IT-dependent field is that you get to play around with so many technologies. I am roughly five months into Mu Sigma and already I’m familiar with R and Python to an extent that if given a task independently, I can code in either language (with of course the help of Google) with ease.

But the better part is when you use the skills learnt in your workplace to solve your personal problems. For example, for by ebook, Bound by Life, I wanted to create a monthly performance report. That is I wanted to see the number of paid and free units sold, number of pages read through KOLL/KU and later, the revenue that each sale was generating. Earlier, I would do it in Excel, which was quite adequate for my purposes.

But I wanted to make it even cooler. I just wanted…

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3 thoughts on “‘R’ you there?

  1. Mayur

    Yes i teach. Every problem have solution. Dont thrill or afraid any work or question.
    Slowly but i set my mind sincere. Not now but after some time i wilk have been found result.

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