How do you react to ‘Spoiler Alerts’?

As a child I loved to hear stories. I cannot count how many times I have pestered my aunt, who could spin up stories like magic, to tell me a story while I ate. Whoever came to our house, as soon as I became friends with them, I’d ask, “Will you tell me a story?

Growing up, the love for stories intensified. While I was in school, I had hardly ever gone to movies. My friends would come back and tell the stories of the latest movies they had watched. I’d listen with rapt attention. At that age, I rarely cared about what acting was, and what it meant to watch your favourite actors bring the wonderful stories to life in the dark cinema hall. All I cared was the story: who fell in love with who, who faced what problem and overcame it and the like. Later when I actually did get the chance to watch the movie (on TV), I compared what story I had heard of the movie and what was playing onscreen. I relished the fact that I knew what was coming and waited patiently for the known scene to play out. For it is one thing to have heard about it, and another altogether to watch it play out in front of your eyes.

So, when I first learned the phrase ‘Spoiler Alert’, I was confused. Why did it matter if you knew the story from before?

Since Game of Thrones Season 6 started this year, ‘Spoiler Alert’ has been doing the rounds. Many would watch it on Sunday itself. Those who didn’t would be on the edges, snapping those who dared to discuss what happened. I didn’t watch Jon Snow being resurrected before I heard of it. And I didn’t mind, because if he was burned instead of being resurrected at the end of Episode 2, my heart would just have broken. But when I unintentionally spoiled the beans among others, I was met with much heat. The resistors were so emotional in expressing themselves that I felt guilty to have ruined the fun and shock element for them. And the guilt kept floating for a long time after.

So, I ask you, dear reader: How much do ‘Spoiler Alerts’ hurt you? Do you mind knowing the story before you watch the Episode? Or do you never get (like me) what the big fuss is about Spoiler Alerts? Share your thoughts with me below. I have also put a small poll below for those who like polls! Comment, Vote, Like and Share!

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11 thoughts on “How do you react to ‘Spoiler Alerts’?

  1. Vishvas Arora

    even if I know what is going to happen in the end I watch the whole movie just to see how it happens. So no problem for me when my friends told me that Jon Snow is alive and Captain America dies…

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  2. sandmanjazz

    In this day of Social Media it is increasingly difficult to avoid spoilers, I somehow managed to avoid a lot of the Force Awakens ones, but with Facebook it is tricky. My biggest problem spoiler wise was last year with the ninth season of Doctor Who as a lot of my Facebook Friends I know through fandom . Most will leave an indent in their post so not all the post will show on the wall. But, particularly with the episode Heaven Sent, the Facebook algorithms showed a link which lead to a brief potted history of Galifrey. Small spoilers sometimes can enhance my enjoyment as it help build up to the climax, but major ones do detract a bit. We all probably knew the ins and outs of Psycho before seeing it and as such removes the initial shock value.

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