What scares you?

This July, I am participating in Camp NaNoWriMo. I am trying to complete a short non-fiction book that I had started last September.  The book is titled How I tamed the dragon named Fear? 

As you can guess from the title of the book, it is about Fear. I have always been a timid person. I have been afraid of snakes, of people, of social situations, of examinations, of leaving my family behind and countless other things. There have been very few days in my life when I have woken up in the morning and felt really confident, to take the world in my stride.

Fortunately, my situation has improved over time. Over time, I have grown less and less afraid. I still don’t claim to be the bravest person in the whole wide world. I still wouldn’t watch Conjuring 2 even if you paid me to do so. But I have become more comfortable in my skin, and better prepared to deal with fear and the emotions that are associated with being afraid. I felt that if I could write my experiences down, it might become a nice self-help guide.

HITTDNF is going to be very small non-fiction, full of examples from my own life. It is also my first experience at writing personal essays. I am enjoying this different writing experience. As part of research for this book, I want to know more and more about Fear. I want to know how this Fear is experienced by others, how much Fear controls the way we behave and if we can ever really become completely fearless.

I would love if you guys can start a discussion in the Comments below regarding your thoughts on Fear. Share with me situations in which you have been utterly paralyzed by Fear. How did the situation end? Have you learnt anything from that experience? If that situation were to repeat, would be feel as afraid? I am looking forward to your responses. You shall be helping me with my book as well by participating in this discussion, so TYPE ON!


5 thoughts on “What scares you?

  1. Vishvas Arora

    Few years back I watched Insidious chapter one. Well the movie was good and I liked it till the moment of climax. That LADY IN BLACK!!!!!!! It scared my soul out of my body and it felt like my spine froze. Before that moment and after that I never felt the same. For many nights I would lift the curtains of my room’s window to check for her. After some days this fear vanished as I succeed in convincing myself that I am not an Astral Projector. The amazing thing is now no horror movie scares me and I think I can watch them alone in a dark room but now my definition of fear has changed from the horrors of the world of spirits to the fear of loosing her….


    1. Arpita Post author

      Wow! If the movie changed your definition of her, then that’s some impact! I haven’t watched the movie, so I am not able to relate much (and knowing me, I wouldn’t probably try to watch it either). But it’s magic that your fear has been removed. I am trying to write a self-help book, and if all of us could remove our fears in such simple manner, there would be no need of the book! 😀

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