Monday Mumbles…

Good morning everyone!

It is a cheerful Monday here in Bangalore. Though there are clouds as well, but they are shifting to show the sun.

This morning I printed out the first (rough) draft of my second book. I had reached a point in the book where I did not know how to go on any further. So I wanted to revisit what I had built until now and add words as I go. I have approximately 12,000 words on board now. Hoping that when I revisit what I have created so far, I will have more things to say here and there – which will help me reach the word count.

Besides, life is looking better, even though I spent the weekend thinking of my remaining student loan. When you have a limited income and a huge debt, you fight that incessant question whether it is best to pay off the loan, or save some money for emergency. It makes me sad that I have hardly saved much since I started working.

But thankfully, health-wise I have been doing better. I was reading The Lives of Others this weekend. I have this knack for reading Bengali authors who write in English. Being so far away from Bengal, the nostalgia I have associated with the place comes alive when I read about Bengali life and culture, even if it’s in English. No wonder Jhumpa Lahiri is my favorite author. I am enjoying Neel Mukherjee’s (author of The Lives of Others) style of writing as well, though I am not very sure what is he trying to drive at by going back and back into the family tree of the main characters. Is the reason to increase the word count, or is it necessary to understand the main characters in the light of their upbringing and the people who influenced them? I guess I can have the answer to that only when I finish the book. The nice thing about reading about Bengali life in contemporary writing is how the small, insignificant things in Bengali lifestyle come alive in these writings. As a writer, maybe I would never have thought about exploring those things.

What about you? How is life going for you all? To all the budding writers out there, what are you writing about? What are the challenges that you are facing with your WIP? Share you experience with me in the Comments!

3 thoughts on “Monday Mumbles…

  1. Ξnigma

    Not a writer yet, but some average blogger.
    I don’t have the discipline to write a book. Ah, too much work! How do you do that?

    I woke up late, so didn’t quite observe the clouds of the Bangalore sky.

    I am on the similar boat as you regarding debts and savings. I hope that this phase passes soon for you.

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    1. Arpita Post author

      I do that one word at a time 😀 I started this book back in September, 2015 and I have not even reached my complete word count yet. Hopefully, by this August end it would be done!

      It is said that the modern slave is not in chains, but in debts. That’s so true.

      Thanks for reaching out, though! Have a good day.

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      1. Ξnigma

        Well, you are almost there. And hopefully you will reach that in no much time.

        I still have to start, before that I have to plan.

        That’s is actually true.

        My pleasure. Have a great day yourself.

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