Visiting home

It is November 6th, a day since I stepped into Kolkata. Am on a week-long break from work.

I sailed amid the clouds (one of the most surreal experiences of my life) and came to a city awash with rains and choked with dirt yesterday. The plan was to visit a couple of relatives and friends in Kolkata before I leave for my hometown later today afternoon. The rain kinda marred that feeling of activity.

But I have planned a lunch out in Salt Lake, where I lived the four years of college life. Salt Lake will forever comprise a special place in my heart. So many days I have walked on those roads, sat in the parks, watched people, had ice creams and emtied packets of Lays hungrily!

I am staying with my brother right now. He’s doing his engineering from Jadavpur University. Last night, we had some good talks and planned for my next visit, which will probably mark my parents’ 25th marriage anniversary.

Even 5 years ago, I probably could not have imagined this life. I could not have imagined having a job, bringing gifts for my family and staying in my brother’s rented flat and planning upcoming visit. I am grateful for whatever I have achieved. There is a beauty in being with family and planning things.

Meanwhile, here are some photos from the plane. Enjoy!





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