Books – The best gifts I could ask for

Received these two books as gifts recently.


The one with the silver-grey cover is by Satyajit Ray – one of Bengal’s greatest filmmakers. His detective aka Feluda is one of my favourite sleuths. But this book, Shonku Samagra, is a book on an eccentric scientiest-cum-professor, Mr. Shonku. Prof. Shonku’s diaries are full of not-so-real but wonderous experiences, which someone even past their teens can enjoy guiltlessly.

The book starts on a curious note:

“Who is Professor Shonku?

…Some say he died during an extreme experimentation. Some say he is hiding in an unknown place, working towards his goals, and would present himself before the world when the time is right.”

That sentence itself ignites the  Bengali mind. I can only imagine a Bengali boy of twelve or thirteen, voraciously finishing each and every story of the book, then waiting to find that elusive professor around him – in the physics classroom, or public bus. His ears are pricked for any stray conversation to that end, straining to pick up any clue. Imagine his frustration when no one in the real life can come anywhere close to Mr. Ray’s creation. Reminds me of an age when I kept bugging the elders, wanting to know if the stories they told were true.

As far as I am concerned a book is the best gift I could ask for! So next time you are wondering what to send me over, you have a clue! 😉

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