December’s here!

I opened my blog and suddenly saw little snowflakes floating across the screen! Instantly, I was happy. I changed this setting last year, wowed after seeing it on another blog. Was pleasantly surprised to see that the setting was still applied.


So… December is here! It is the month of Christmas, it is the month of the year saying good bye to us and introducing us to another new year. December, or rather the winter season itself, has been a personal favorite. You see all the roses, marigold in bloom and cannot but be happy. Especially, with Christmas, everything seems to get decked up for light and brightness! Instant mood-lifter!


Throwback (Christmas, 2015)

I was pretty groggy I went to sleep last night. Usually, I stay up late Friday nights because I can sleep as much as I want on Saturday morning (no office! Cheers!). Yesterday was a particularly tiring day. This week itself was crazy. Since I joined the new account in August, I almost invariably spend 13-14 hours in office. Which is long! More importantly, at the end of the day when you come home, you are too spent to do anything that you like, say, read a book or watch a movie, or talk to a friend over Skype.

It’s not like I am complaining, because I am happy with the people who I am around at work. We get work done and we feel good about it. It is a different feeling when you actually make a difference in what you do. Because of the people I am around, office is nothing but like college. We crack jokes all the time, pull each other’s legs, share information and insights and keep learning things. If you are unmarried, Mu Sigma is a cool place to be.

Only downside is, like I was saying before, with the kind and amount of work you do, you focus shifts away from the other important things in life. For example, I am in the final leg of my second book. I was hoping for a late December release. But for that I would have needed to work some for the book everyday. But that never happens.

Nonetheless, I have decided to devote my weekends to my writing, so I am curled up in my bed right now, wearing the dark purple sweater with the broken zipper, and am ready to type away the last thousand odd words left in the book. Only thing missing is probably a cup of hot coffee, but I am neither a tea nor a coffee person. The weather outside is kind of monsoon-y – not really my kind of weather – but it’s a good time to get some writing done!

How was the week for you? What are the plans for the weekend? Let me know in the Comments!




10 thoughts on “December’s here!

  1. anankhan98

    Today my mother had her second eye surgery for presbiopia. So, this weekend I’m going to be doing word sprints and fixing up my resume to send to the youth magazine in the country in between delievering the eye-drops. 🙂 Lots of writing time.

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