Secret Santa Gift Unveiled!

Come to think of it, I realize that I am not really materialistic. Sure, I love my things (think books, dresses, water bottles, sketch pens) but there is really nothing that I own that I probably cannot live without (aside from the obvious necessities). I realized this more clearly when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to buy with the Secret Santa gift card that I got. I spend hours but could not come up with anything that I could buy. I thought ย of bags, stoles, shoes, books (which I had contemplated on buying over the years) but realized that I did not feel the need – a real need – of anything at that point in time (it is separate that my earphones gave up on me just a couple of days later and I had to buy those ASAP). I had nothing on my wish list!

So finally, I decided to buy something which I wouldn’t probably buy with my own money – because I would think it was too luxurious to spend money on. I ordered myself a travel journal! I had promised that I would brag about it in an earlier post, so here I go!

First Look:


I really love the color combination of this journal! In its oldish brown tint, it makes me feel like an adventurer from several centuries before. Plus it lists on its cover page the names of three cities which I obviously want to visit once in my life.


The opening page houses a nice little envelope with loads of pictures of stamps (again reminds of old times when we used to get letters with stamps via post). I love the unique button and thread feature that is used to lock the envelope. It is so simple, yet so effective.


The journal is broken down into several sections to document the journey:

  1. Things to do before I go – Helps me keep tabs on the things I need to go before I leave
  2. Things to pack – The must needs!
  3. The Adventure Begins – Here I am to list down everything that I did
  4. Favourites
    • Restaurants
    • Bars and clubs
    • Hotel
  5. Addresses – Little contact cards to remind myself of the people I met on the way and keep in touch


I really love how this little book fills me up with endless possibilities! It makes me want to meet new people, know them and see life through their eyes. Imagine this:

You go to visit someplace. There are tons of other people there. It is by sheer luck that all of you are at the same spot at the same time. All these people who are visiting this place come from different backgrounds. All of them have different motivations in life, different reasons for why they chose that particular place. Don’t you feel curious to know what brought them there? What were they trying to escape from before they reached that place? Were they there with friends, having the time of their lifetime? Were they there alone, contemplating on a recent personal loss?

Endless thoughts like this fill my mind when I glance at my little travel journal and I instantly feel happy!

Add to that the lovely quotes that are scattered throughout which totally energizes the mind and makes you want to travel.

One of my new year’s resolutions is to travel more. I plan to inaugurate this book by end of this January – in Pondicherry. Really looking forward to that trip!

If you want to get yourself a copy of this lovely journal, see here. I bought it for Rs. 390 but right now it is available for only Rs. 277 – I was really surprised to see the current price. But I won’t let that make me feel bad because I really love the product!


Do you keep travel journals? Have some nice memories associated with them? Please share it with me in the Comments.

15 thoughts on “Secret Santa Gift Unveiled!

      1. Arpita Post author

        Good to hear that. I am working weekends on the book. It is pretty much in shape. But I am kind of restructuring it from what was there in the ARC. I am still on track for February release.

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    1. Arpita Post author

      Hi Pradita! Thank you so much for the nomination. At the moment, I am a little pressed for time and will not have the time to reply with an acceptance post. But thank you so much for keeping me in your thoughts! โค

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