A week long break from work!

So, yesterday I  took a flight from Bangalore and reached Kolkata. My parents’ 25th anniversary is tomorrow. I wanted to celebrate the day together as a family.

Right now I am in my brother’s flat, typing this out on his laptop.

Yesterday was a long day. I reached work at 9 in the morning, left at four in the afternoon for airport. While I was on the bus to the airport, I received a message saying the flight has been delayed by 35 minutes. That was painful. Even after all of us boarded the flight, the plane was on the ground for 25 minutes. In the flight, my legs were hurting and all I wanted was a bed to lay on. It was a long day.

My brother received me at the airport, it was good to see him. We took an Uber back to his flat. He is now at college and I am thinking what to do with the time before he is done with classes and both of us can start for our hometown.

I will mostly be off the internet (except for an occasional Facebook update maybe), relaxing back home. When I get back to Bangalore, I will be starting an new chapter of work life and I am not very sure if I am up for the challenges yet. But if I have learnt something from my time in Mu Sigma, it is this: The greatest learnings are outside your comfort zone. So, I am gonna use this ten days’ trip to do some thinking, have some fun so that when I get back I am all recharged.

Catch up with you guys in ten days, maybe? Meanwhile, keep blogging and spreading the love.

P.S: If you have not read my latest book yet, you can buy it here. It is available on Amazon for $3.01. People have told me that it’s worth the read. I hope you can add to that feedback.


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