Back to Bangalore

I came back to Bangalore after a brief but amazing trip to home this Sunday. Meant to blog earlier, but this week has been crazy so far. The last three days I have been returning at 11 PM from work. I am having trouble sleeping the night – Bangalore suddenly feels hotter than how I left it. And I am constantly thinking about work-related things because that’s where I am spending the lion’s share of my day.

Thing is, my team lead will transition out and I have to step up. I am comfortable with the level of ownership I have shown towards the team, but leading is a different game. The first few weeks are going to be difficult I believe.

Anyhow, I am utilizing my sleeplessness phase to actually start on my third project. It will be a work of fiction, but this time I am attempting a novel and not a book of shorts. It is going to be a challenge for me because I have tried writing a novel and failed on multiple occasions. I struggle with staying in the same story for the entire expanse of the book. In a way, I feel I am more suited to short stories.

But I intend to do differently. I do not have a plot of the book yet, but I have an idea what emotion exactly I want to write about. The Β best way I can describe this upcoming project is summed up by this quote:

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
― Maya Angelou

Hopefully, I take out time from my busy schedule and do justice to what I want to do. Fingers crossed.


About Arpita

Arpita is currently working as an analyst in Mu Sigma, Bangalore. While she loves her job, but her heart is tied deeply to creative outlets. Reading, writing, travelling, and more recently, making videos excite her and shape her day to day life. She's also very approachable and is willing to pick a conversation if she happens to meet you.
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11 Responses to Back to Bangalore

  1. A month back I quit my job in Bangalore, because it started feeling so baseless making softwares for biggie rich companies. I was 1.5 years old in the crazy race of keeping clients happy ( Sapient is a service company ). I didn’t try to get into a product company, came back, started working on an idea I have had for long, and it’s amazing how much I’m learning unlike the 16 years of education I have had of absolute no practical value.


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    • Arpita says:

      I’m glad you took the decision. Only a few of us can actually act on the dreams we chase. So congratulations! Also, thank you so much for sharing the facebook link. It’s a really useful tip!

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  2. Best of luck for your next book…

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  3. skd says:

    Welcome back to Bangalore!! All the best for your attempt….also for the new role. Be a good human and a leader and do not slip into corporate maya! That makes you so happy any day when you look back… πŸ‘

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