Of Wiccan beliefs and feminine thoughts

I started reading The Wiccan Waltz by Pragya Vishnoi today. Pragya was one the beta reviewers of my second book, How I Tamed the Dragon Named Fear and I was happy to be able to give back by reviewing hers.

Since I have just started reading the book I can’t go into details about the plot, but the book sure got me interested to look up Wiccan beliefs. I spent close to an hour today watching videos about Wiccan culture.

I found it interesting how Wiccan beliefs stress on the power of the feminine energy. It got me thinking: fundamentally, would the world have been a better place if it were women who were the forefront, writing the history of the human civilisation? I am not a feminist. I believe in the equal rights of the individual irrespective of their gender. At the same time, I take pride in being a woman. In my own family I have seen how women have been the pillars of strength and how much they could sacrifice.

The male ego is that of a conqueror. They are the dominant force. Since women are go through the pains of labour, they are naturally inclined towards being vulnerable, providing and caring. Due to this, I feel naturally women are more tolerant than men in many cases. In today’s world of hate crimes and terrorism, maybe if our history was primarily written by women, we might have been a little more compassionate of other  people’s needs and not our victory over others.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

Happy weekend!

P.S: For those who likes some magic and fantasy, please give The Wiccan Waltz a try. As a first impression, I thought it was a well-written book. I will probably do a detailed review later. But if fantasy is your genre, you should definitely give it a try.

About Arpita

Arpita is currently working as an analyst in Mu Sigma, Bangalore. While she loves her job, but her heart is tied deeply to creative outlets. Reading, writing, travelling, and more recently, making videos excite her and shape her day to day life. She's also very approachable and is willing to pick a conversation if she happens to meet you.
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6 Responses to Of Wiccan beliefs and feminine thoughts

  1. Thank you very much. I appreciate your giving time to learn more about Wicca. I am waiting for your detailed review. Thank you again!

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  2. Sangbad says:

    Many days ago had to research on Wiccan to write some essays…I find the practices and culture interesting…


  3. thewitchysirenblog says:

    As a fellow Wiccan, I can tell you that it is one of the most rewarding spirutual journeys one could take. I was raised Catholic. I was a self proclaimed Atheist at a very young age. Took me a very long time to realize I’m Wiccan. I researched it one day and found that it mirrors my beliefs and intentions, and I was honestly taken aback. Wicca isn’t necessarily centered around the idea of Feminism, but centered more around the idea of equal treatment for all. It is not gender exclusive, and one gender does not hold a higher power than another gender.

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    • Arpita says:

      Hi there! Thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. I gained the viewpoint that it sort of glorified the feminine over most other religions that are out there from the couple of Youtube videos I watched that day. Thanks for sharing this with me. Personally, I am an atheist myself, but I don’t mind the concept of people following certain religious practices if it mirrors their inner self. To each his own. 🙂


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