If we were having coffee – 1

I haven’t quite blogged in some time now and didn’t know what to talk about as well. So, I decided to do a ‘coffee blog’ where I am gonna tell you things if we were having coffee right now. Here we go:

If we were having coffee, the first thing that I would tell you is I like my coffee better when it is cold – that’s literally the best coffee for me. We get this amazing cold coffee in the office cafeteria for just Rs. 30. Most days when my lunch is too dry, I’ll get myself and my friend Pooja a cup of the chilling, cold coffee.

If we were having coffee, I must tell you about the change in timing that will be implemented starting June 1 in my company. We are moving to the time 1 PM to 10 PM IST. It is supposed to ensure couple of things:

  1. Make sure everyone in the team starts and finishes together
  2. More overlap with clients

Mu Sigma, until now, was a company where there was no in time or out time. You could literally walk in or leave whenever you wanted. As nice as it sounds, most of the time, people ended up spending many more hours in office than the scheduled 9 hours work. I have known people who literally went to office one day and did not return home until the next day. Hopefully, these new timings should ease things like that out now. There are multiple thoughts and emotions on the floor because of this time change. The fact that it takes away the entire evening time is not something a lot of us are looking forward to. But the fact that we can sleep a little late into the morning and have the mornings to ourselves is definitely cheering us up.

If we were having coffee, I’d definitely tell you about me thinking about switching flats. I might end up getting a single home about 7 km from my workplace by end of July. It’s a nice society and I am looking forward to starting my life all over again over there. Over the last couple of months, my life has sort of become static. I watch TV series on the loop during the weekends. On the weekdays, I am too busy to do anything else. As such, I have moved farther and farther from my goals and passions. I am rarely blogging/writing/reading. I have also been sleeping late and waking up late. I want to press the reset button in my life and bring back some good habits. I am hoping moving to the new flat will make that happen for me.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that it is really important to have clear, defined goals in life. When I was in school, the goal was to get into a good college. When I went to college, it became about getting into a good workplace. Now that I am working, I do not have any short term or long term goals that I had initially visualized. Now, I am planning to change the same. Eventually, I want to go back to the field of electronics, so I have decided to buy a study table and get started. For now, I am just taking a couple of tests for my promotion at work – at least that is keeping me slightly on schedule.

As the days pass, I am also starting to having thoughts around settling down – marriage. As I have often talked about earlier, I had student loans and I do not plan to get married until and unless I have paid it off and made some savings. It’s becoming increasingly lonely to live among strangers and having no goal in life. Maybe, I’d be healthier if I were around people who would hold me accountable and who I’d be responsible for. Let’s see.

If you were having coffee with me right now, what would you tell me? What’s new in your life?

Until our next coffee date!


23 thoughts on “If we were having coffee – 1

  1. Carmineberyl

    Nice post! In fact, I find it quite close to my heart, since I, myself, am facing a few of these hurdles – shall we say? – right now. I have goals that I haven’t been able to work towards, for some time now ; partly because of having to cope with the new responsibilities of marriage and partly because of a long bout of illness. If we were having coffee right now, I would have wanted to share the news of one of my stories being published in an online magazine based out of Kolkata, the one I told you about. Also I would love to make a pact of sorts, with you, about circling back to our long term goals of writing and start sorting stuff out today itself. Hope you are having a good time.

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    1. Arpita Post author

      Hi there! Thanks for sharing bits of your present life with me. Marriage is a big change in a woman’s life and a little setback from your earlier goals is perhaps expected. The trick is probably not to lose sight of the long term goals in spite of the short term difficulties. I’d love to make that pact with you, because I am indeed pretty serious about my goals. Should we do something symbolic to make sure we respect the pact – a monthly blog post or something to update current progress?

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    1. Arpita Post author

      Hi Trina! Thanks for dropping by. I am living in Bangalore, so I haven’t had to suffer the pains of Indian summer so much. My family back in West Bengal isn’t so lucky, though! Where are you planning your trip to?

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      1. Balaka

        I am also from West Bengal and now settled in Mumbai..here in Mumbai it is very hot and humid..we are anxiously awaiting the rain..I am planning a trip to Bhutan


      2. Arpita Post author

        I was reading one of your blogposts and greatly admire the easy, conversation style that you have. Will follow you back and read more 🙂 We have had some really rainy days in Bangalore recently. I hope rains comes to visit you soonest. 🙂

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      3. Balaka

        Thanks for writing my style of writing…I would be happy if you drop by…In Mumbai rain usually starts after June 10th and continues till September..so waiting for 10 June 🙂

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  2. Pradita Kapahi

    Nice post Arpita. Change in shift times is bad and the one you’ve mentioned sounds pretty bad to me (sorry to say that), because I’ve always liked workplaces that let the evenings free. But you may like it better so you cn relax some more in the mornings, like you mentioned. All the best with the timings and the search for the new flat. And oh, if we were having coffee, I’d tell you how the weather in Pune has taken for the better and it’s raining outside right now 🙂

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    1. Arpita Post author

      Hi Pradita! The time actually works well from me because I used to go at 9.30 AM and return at the earliest by 10 PM. Now, I am not expected to start at least until 1 PM (of course, there are subtle expectations – in case you could not finish your work the last day, you are supposed to come earlier, but I am sure nobody would want to do that and in the process en up utilizing the 8 hr work seriously).

      Glad to hear it’s raining! I am not someone who likes rains so much – it makes me feel sick. But for everyone else’s sake, I am glad for the rains. 😀

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      1. Pradita Kapahi

        Hi Arpita. Thanks for being honest with me about the rains 😂 I don’t mind you not loking the rains. And wow, when you work from. 9.30 to 10 that sure saps you of energy. I guess then the shift is indeed better. We’ll i hope that it works out well for you 😊 Have a nice day 😊

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  3. Idle Muser

    An innovative approach towards sharing your future plans nowadays’ struggles, Arpita. (Here I am definitely not glad about the struggles you are going through but the way you have put them up here.)
    Normally I don’t feel tempted to go through my fellow bloggers’ public personal diaries, but this one made me go till the end. Hope you get to have that new flat real soon. 🙂
    I myself am not a fan of coffee, be it hot or cold; tea-yes. So, if I were having my tea right now and you your coffee, I’d say having deviated from a schedule is my nightmare, which I, unfortunately, am living from quite some time now. But on the brighter side I finished my reading-goal for the month. 😉 😀

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