What have we done to each other?

The barren Earth, with its greys and browns, devoid of greens, looked at the tiny human beings swarming across her body. Her eyes were full of pain and a sense of helpless hatred. As the mother, she was supposed to protect her children: the plants, the animals and the men alike. Yet, millions of years after holding the first life form, she was now steadily walking towards Annihilation. When did the men become so powerful that they started poking bigger and bigger wounds on her flesh?

The first time human beings made the primitive wheel, Earth was amused. She was proud of the humans – or pro-humans, at the time. This species seemed to have an intelligence that allowed it to not depend on Earth for its own amusements – its was an independent species that required little motherly care, except the bare necessities. So Earth paid more attention to the other species. Some of the older species she slowly eradicated, bringing its their place stronger, more beautiful, more powerful species.

By the time she woke up to the dangers that human beings posed, it was already too late. The air and the seas were toxic. The forests were cut down. Sadly, nobody in Earth’s creative world was able to challenge the superiority of the humans. Earth grew more and more desperate with each passing year/

In her desperate attempts to control the disease, started the storms and the droughts and the epidemics, hoping the humans would read into the signs. They did. Some of the smart men and women did read into it. But sadly, these men were few in number and their powers were limited. They spoke to their fellow humans, urging them, reasoning with them, bickering with them to understand what they had done to Earth. Earth listened to their demonstrations with a furiously beating heart, hoping something would change.

But, as the great Creator had once told Earth, “Beware of beauty, O Earth! For what makes you beautiful, will one day cause your downfall. Everything that you do to undo it will fall short.”

So now, Earth sat silently, counting the days of Annihilation. She wondered what would the last day be like, the last day when she would not have to be mother anymore. Would the gravitational pull cease to exist? Or would she miss her path and straight fall into the burning sun? Or would it be nothing as dramatic, but only humans trying out another of their lethal weapons, wiping out entire life system?


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