Durga Puja Vacation Begins…

Today I went with my brother and my mother to do some last minute shopping for Durga puja. I did buy couple of clothes myself before I came from Bangalore, but my mom, being the parent, wanted to gift me some more.

So, we went to Big Bazaar and Junction mall.

When I was in school, all these malls were not so much in fashion. In fact, they were not even there. Durga puja was the only time when we bought new clothes. I do not remember if I waited eagerly for that day when the new clothes would come; I suppose I did.

However, buying clothes, in the past, was never a comfortable experience because my father dominated the decision.

I remember this one time when I wanted a fancy white-and-red frock and my father was not at all convinced. In the end, we bought something else. I can imagine my disappointment.

Now, grown up, there is a sense of independence. I am free to choose my own clothes.

As far as clothes are concerned, my choices are simple and practical. What I am not convinced of is how branded clothes are priced. Having grown up in a middle class family who were used to shopping non-branded clothes, I do think twice before investing in a shirt worth two thousand bucks. I really do not understand if the piece of cloth is value for money. However, with the way consumerism is going, we have few choices.

Anyway, Durga puja is in full force. I am meeting some old friends from school and later going to my maternal uncle’s place. Holidays are in full swing!

Be back with more updates over the vacation.

Until later!

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