First swimming lesson!

Yesterday, one of my flatmates, asked me if I would join her in the swimming pool. I don’t swim (not until yesterday) and my first response was, No! However, she was fairly convincing. After a while, I was like, why not? It’s a skill that I have always wanted to learn. It’s a lifesaving skill and a great form of exercise, something which I have been trying to do more of these days.

So, I dressed in a full body costume that my ex-roommate had left behind and went to the pool. Other than us, there were two boys – one of them was teaching the other how to swim.

I have been in water before. As a kid, we used to visit my maternal uncle’s place, which is by the side  of a river. We used to go bathing in the river every time we went there. Thrashing in the water, throwing water balls at each other was a favorite pastime. However, I would start screaming the moment my father dragged me deeper into the river, trying to teach me how to dip underwater. Not a favorite!

But thanks to him, I did get over that fear of water. I mean I am still scared of huge waves thrashing on the shores, but I am okay with a decent depth of water in the swimming pool.

So, my first lesson was learning to float. I have tried swimming as a kid in the river, but of course, I never got around to being able to float. I didn’t trust that the water could push my body up. I mean I am heavier than the water, right? Solving numericals using Archimedes’ principle is one thing, and to trust the water to help you float is something else altogether.

So, I was fairly surprised when I actually started floating, all about five to ten minutes in the water. All I had to do was let go of my body (my flatmate’s tips helped, thanks Shilpa!). In the beginning, I tried to keep my foot in the water, because, well, history. But then, as I started to let go, started to trust the water, I saw I was propelled up and soon I was floating horizontally in the water! Yay!

The second surprise came when, just by being still in the water, I felt that I was moving forward. Water currents, huh?! Amazing! So why not try a bit of propelling my hands to see if I could voluntarily swim? And voila, there I was, swimming half-way through the pool!

One trick that I was yet to learn in the pool yesterday as how to breathe while swimming. Shilpa couldn’t help either, because she is yet to learn it herself. So, I swam half-way through the pool, multiple times, coming back up to breathe midway.

I think the fact that I have been exercising helped me so quickly pick up the basics of swimming. Shilpa mentioned multiple times that she hadn’t seen a faster learner and that I did great for the first day.

After I came back, I watched multiple videos on swimming and I am dying to try out the tricks I learnt next weekend – or better yet, day after tomorrow! We have a holiday on Wednesday on account of Kannada Rajyotsava. Whoo-hoo!

Let me know in the Comments below if you swim, and what are your best tips to get better at it.

Until later, live healthy, eat healthy! ❤

5 thoughts on “First swimming lesson!

  1. mterrazas32

    I never learned how to swim nor how to float when I was a kid. Then when I was in college I decided to take a swimming class. Easy “A” as long a your tried and participated. After taking the class I was able to float and learned how to do the basic swim strokes when you float. I took that class three more time learning how to swim and being comfortable in the deep side of the pool. Even to jump from the diving boards, well the 2nd highest one. What you said about breathing awhile swimming. It all practice. My teacher just had us practice doing the superman float and holding on to the wall and just practice breathing and then turning your head side to side to get air. The way he taught us the breathing part is to hum your favorite song awhile you are underwater and then when you need air, just turn your head slightly until its above the water surface to get air and then repeat. Hope that helps.

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    1. Arpita Post author

      Yes, that was a great tip! In fact, most of the swimming videos shows the raising your head slightly on the side trick. I am so looking forward to trying it in my next session at the pool! Take care 🙂


  2. Mayur

    If we need better grip then we must swimming on daily, after swimming your stomach empty very well. So my suggestion keep with some healthy snacks.
    1. U can loose your weight through swimming, I don’t know how fat you!!! Don’t mind hope you are a slim.

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