Ten facts about me!

Hey guys,

Yesterday, I was watching this vlog which was about “20 random facts about myself.” I thought it was a nice idea and something that I could try on my own blog too. So, today I am going to share a few facts (and some opinions) about myself, so that you get to know me a little better.

I would love for your guys to also share some random facts about yourself in the Comments section, so I get to know you a little better. Let’s use the year-end to reaffirm our blogging friendships! I also challenge you, if you like, to publish a similar post on your blog with the tag #knowme.

Okay, so let’s get this started!

  1. I am from Durgapur, West Bengal, a city which is relevant in the map of India because of its steel plants. I have spent approx. 12 years of my life and completed my schooling there.
  2. Before Durgapur, I used to stay in a small town called Guptipara – that’s where my grandfather had settled after they had migrated from Bangladesh. I have very few, but some clear memories of it. I remember my grandfather gardening. We used to get a lot of monkeys come and ruin our vegetable plants, so we would cover the bright, purple brinjals in paper to save them from the assault.
  3. I moved to Kolkata in 2011, where I was doing engineering from Techno India, Salt Lake in Electronics and Communication. I lived in Salt Lake for four years (2.5 years in BD block and 1.5 years in AG block) and hold the place dearly in my heart. Even today, the roads of Salt Lake feels like home.
  4. I had horrible experience in staying in paying guest accommodations in Salt Lake, but made couple of good friendships. I am still in good touch with some of my ex-PG mates.
  5. I have been published in school magazines from fourth grade and that was what stirred my curiosity in writing and publishing. I have also been keeping a diary since fifth grade (I think it’s fifth grade, but I might have to double check). The idea to write diary came from my cousin brother, with whom, incidentally, I am not in touch anymore.
  6. Mine is a big family. My father had five sisters and two brothers. My mom has two sisters and one brother. On my father’s side, the family is a bit scattered – I have relatives in Kolkata, Mumbai, Gujarat, US. My mother’s side of family is more or less concentrated in one place.
  7. We have a family Durga Puja in my maternal uncle’s place every year for close to 30 years now. My mother inaugurated it with a cousin brother. Most of my life, I have spent Durga Puja there.
  8. I have vitiligo, small white patches, on my neck and arm. I got it in ninth standard. It is localized and has not grown for many years now. My family has no history of it and it came a quite a shock when I got it. Those white patches have shaped a large part of my personality over the years and I am still body-conscious because of them.
  9. As a kid I used to hate my name. I had a huge craze for English and the English/American lifestyle. I though before I wrote my tenth grade exams, I would change my name to Elizabeth or Victoria (yes, you can laugh at that archaic choice)! I thoughts my parents (technically, my grandmother) were uncool because they named me Arpita. Over the years, however, I have learnt to appreciate it.
  10.  I am deeply romantic. I love to watch people speak to each other and fall in love with the comfort of familiarity around them. I like to watch squirrels jumping on the trees. I love to walk on the terrace to see the sunset and ponder on the meaning of life. Yep, I speak to myself when I am alone, too.

I could probably go on, but will stop here. So, now you guys know a little more about me. Would love for your to get back to me with a post of your own along these lines.

Until later, write more, love more and enjoy your life! ❤

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