Last post of the year | Goodbye, 2017

I do not like odd numbers. From the beginning of this year, I knew 2017 was not going to be nice for me. You know those feelings which you feel in your gut? Well, it was one of those feelings.

However, 2017 turned out to be quite an interesting year. It was not the worst year of my life, but it did throw some difficult punches at me. There was a period when I was fighting depression and trying to find a grip in life. I am thankful to the amount of love and help that I have received from people, both in the WordPress community and outside. I am back to being my pre-depressed self and feel much better now.

2017 taught me a lot of things. One of them was to cherish the important relationships in our lives. I am thankful to each and everyone of you who has visited my site and interacted with me on this platform. You guys have given me a lot of love. Thank you and I hope to continue this in the new year.

I have created sort of a summary video of 2017 in my YouTube. I would be happy if you guys take out some time and check it out.

The vlog is my latest obsession and something that I am incredibly proud of. I am glad that I am walking towards 2018 with something that makes me happy and keeps me fulfilled.

I hope all of you have something like this to look forward to in the coming year. It could be a pet, a book that you are writing or a habit that you are trying to form. It could be your family or the new job that you worked so hard to get. I hope all of us look at 2018 with renewed hopes and energy.

Those of you who are looking at 2018 with some fear in your hearts, trust me: it is going to be an wonderful year. After all, it is an even-numbered year. It just gives me the positive vibes! 😀

I will see you guys in the new year, with some fresh blog posts. Please let me know if there is something that you would want me to write about in the new year. I would also probably collaborate for some guest posts. And I want to interview some of you as well! I remember how much fun I used to have while interviewing authors for this blog in its first year. Let’s see if we can bring some of that back.

Until later, lots of love and best wishes. Rock the new year!

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