What did I buy recently?

Hey guys!

I am sure the title of this post will come off as slightly unusual for those of you who have been following me for a while: I do not create blog-posts on my shopping haul. There is a reason why I am writing today’s post. It has got to do with my blogging goals of 2018.

In 2018, I wanted to try out new things with this blog. So the other day, I sat down with a notebook and jotted down which things I had never written about in my blog before. Shopping haul was one of them, so was my fitness routine.

Okay, so starting off!

  1. A laptop table: This was on my to-buy list for the longest time! I stay in a flat with absolutely no furniture, except for the bed. I was tired of looking at the laptop with my neck bent down. I needed it to be at an eye level, so my neck could stay well. 


    IMG_20180107_175730424I bought this from a shop called Wood World in Marathalli, Bangalore for 500 bucks. I am very proud of this purchase. Not only I use this table for working on the laptop, but also to have the occasional meal, as my camera holder while filming videos as well a bedside table to keep things on in the night. It is incredibly useful! Finally, it feels like I have a work-space in my room!

  2. Next up is a shoe that I got during the Christmas sale from Hush Puppies. It’s office wear and is made of leather. I purchased it at 30% off at Rs. 2500. IMG_20180107_175819144It’s a little tight for me right now (they did not have a size five, but since I liked it so much I got the size four). However, I understand that leather stretches with time, so things should work out fine in the long run.
  3. Up next, is a thermoflask from Milton. I actually wanted to buy a good quality steel bottle, because there is so much concern regarding drinking water in plastic bottle. This too was on an offer when I bought it, at Rs. 530.IMG_20180107_181609082
  4. As some of guys know, I recently started my YouTube channel. I am constantly on the search to buy decorative pieces for the room, so that I have a good background to film against. One of those searches led to this baby here:IMG_20180107_175909434I got this for just Rs. 49 at Reliance (Clearance sale!) and absolutely love how cute it is.
  5. We had secret Santa fairly late this year (got our gifts just this Friday). My secret child had a sling bag on her wishlist, so this is what I got for her! IMG_20180104_232648612I am pretty much in love with the bag myself. I hope the person I gifted it to cherishes it as much. This was for Rs. 1,200 on Amazon, but if you use Amazon Pay Balance you can get for Rs. 150 lesser.

Now, as a bonus, I am also going to show you what I myself received for secret Santa. Drum-rolls, please!


This is again a decorative piece for my channel, and I absolutely love it.

That concludes my recent shopping haul. I hope you guys enjoyed this newness on this platform. If you did, please let me know in the Comments!

P.S: Have you watched the latest video on my YouTube channel? It’s about giving vent to all the different things we want to do in our lives, but end up not doing because we restrict ourselves at the label that our job descriptions provide us. Here goes:


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