The Lament of an Insomniac

Today, after so many days, I actually slept in the afternoon! I know, I know. At this point you are probably rolling your eyes and saying, “People will blog about anything these days!”

Hold your judgement right there, sirs and madams! Insomnia is a problem. In fact, for me, it is perhaps the biggest problem. I can adjust with every inconvenience ever, only if you let me sleep for eight hours straight in the night.

For at least four weeks now, I had been dealing with lack of sleep. I would lie in my bed till three, four in the morning and wonder when the sleep fairy will shower some fairy dust on me and I will slip into dreamland.

And each moment that I was awake, I kept thinking why on Earth I was not falling asleep?

Mind you, I am a very active person. For a week in this sleepless period, I had been hitting the gym every day – hoping the physical activity will tire me to sleep. Na-da! I also cook my own food, clean my own dishes, walk to and fro from office, go for afternoon walk post snacks break – I am pretty active by a corporate cog standard. Then, why is it that I cannot fall asleep?

One can be sleepless for multiple reasons: stress, being disturbed due to noise or light in the night, etc. etc. These could have definitely contributed to my sleeplessness. But I think the biggest thing that stopped me from falling asleep was THINKING!

Yes, you read that right. Thinking! I will tell you what has been on my mind lately. My YouTube channel! On a fateful Saturday afternoon in December, after waking up from a cozy nap, looking pretty with my bed hair, I got inspired to start a YouTube channel. Since that afternoon to today’s, life has literally come full circle.

Let me tell you what happened in the last one month: I produced five videos (including this week’s) – one per week. Now, video-making, as easy as YouTubers may make it look like, it is not. It is a lot of work: starting with planning the topic to breaking down how to shoot each scene to finally shooting, editing and publishing the content for the world to see. It is like a day job in itself. It’s amazing how less we think of how much time-consuming a task is, unless we have to do it ourselves. When you are a newbie and are trying to do everything yourself, guess what happens? You keep frying your brain cells and end up being an insomniac. Trust me, my brain feels the most active at 4 AM in the night when I am struggling to sleep: I can literally see the myriad thoughts floating in my head.

I have been told, kindly, by a close friend, that I should consider publishing fortnightly instead of weekly, so I think less of video-making in a week. It’s a great suggestion, and I have thought about it myself. Thing is, I do not want to do it. Not yet!

Sleep is too small a thing to stop me from doing something I love. I have to find other ways for falling asleep. I have tried meditation, considered taking sleeping pills, kept the fan on to shut out the worldly noise. Nothing worked! So guess what I did last night? I called up a bunch of folks and spoke to them as long as it took to keep myself distracted from YouTube. Some great conversation there! I was up until 1.30 AM in the morning, shouting on the phone. I also watched a bunch of comedy shows on YouTube and laughed my heart out.

I was rewarded well for it. I did fall sleep, after playing a kill-or-get-bitten game with my bed-mates aka the bed-bugs.

When I woke up this morning, I was weak in the knees, but after the longest time, I was well rested. The only thing is I woke up with a croaky voice, thanks to all the shouting I did on the phone. Guess, you can only solve one problem at a time!

Until later, keep the murky thoughts aside and enjoy the warm sleep inside your blankets. May the sleep fairy be generous with you. ❤

P.S.: If you guys want to see the awesome videos that are keeping me from falling asleep, do check out my YouTube channel and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button. As a teaser, I leave you with the latest video:


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