Because humor is the best remedy…

Hey guys,

Been a while since I posted a nice conversational post. I was travelling during the first half of February, to home, so wasn’t using WordPress as much. But it was a great trip, I am back totally recharged and feeling fresh.

Anyways, getting back to the point: I have started watching a lot of comedy videos on YouTube recently. I have my favorites: Zakir, Kanan, Biswa. Watching these videos make my solitary life worthwhile. Seriously. I know you might think it’s sad that I have to watch YouTube videos to make my life happening, but there are some beautiful lessons in these comedies.

I have been fortunate enough to know some people who use humor to get over difficult situations in life. And these comedians reinstate the same values. It’s amazing how easily things can be solved if you can put a smile on other people’s faces.

Growing up, I feel I have been way more mature for my age. I have, if I may so say, I have always been more philosophical than anything. I was always over-analyzing and trying to use logic in every scenario. My arguments were always well thought out and planned. But what I have learned with experience is, a laughter goes a longer way in winning hearts compared to sound logic. Because, people are more emotional than logical. In fact, try it in your own lives: in case you are in a fight, pause for a while, find a meme on your phone and read it out for both of you. Even better, enact it! I know it may sound ludicrous, but it really works.

So, now, my aim in life is to spread a smile, some laughter. I tried the same with my last post and also today’s video on my YouTube channel. So if comedy is your thing, I invite you to check out both the content and share your thoughts. Also, it’s a little tough genre to crack, so critical feedback is very much appreciated, especially in case of the video. Will be waiting to hear from you guys!



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