Welcome to a great summer morning!

Good morning, guys!

It’s a beautiful morning out here in Bangalore today. I am not sure if it rained last night – If it did, I slept through it. When I woke up in the morning, there was a chill in the air. There’s warm sunshine outside my window, and I can see the tree moving softly with a light breeze.

I have not been sleeping well for several weeks. Fortunately for me, I slept for two hours in the evening yesterday (post which I got up, made dinner, ate and cleaned the dishes) and then straight seven hours till this morning. Right now, I am well rested and very calm.

The weather outside just feels like an extension of what I feel inside – this happens only sometimes.

I love Bangalore on these days, even though I feel greatly nostalgic about Bengal in summer. Summers in Bengal have a unique flavor. Most days the sky will fill up with dirty grey clouds. They would bring, in their wake, gusty winds that would raise dust storms and bend the great trees over, sometimes even uprooting them. Then there would be the rains. The big drops lashing on the buildings, the trees, the grounds – creating puddles. The raindrops falling on tin ceilings and creating a great noise. The ambient music goes a notch higher as lightning adds its own beats.

Post the storm, there are the fallen leaves on the ground and mangoes that couldn’t survive the storm. We lived in the first floor throughout and don’t have the luxury of  owning mango trees in the courtyard. So, the mangoes that I am talking about belonged to those lucky neighbors who had the trees, and occasionally we had the chance of finding one lying on the ground after the storm. Sometimes, some of these kind-hearted neighbors would also come with a basket of the mangoes themselves, as gifts.

Summers in Bengal are beautiful! Even this morning, as I was speaking to my mother on the phone, I could hear a cuckoo singing. That one sound has the capacity to take me home, make me imagine how the trees are looking right now, how the roads are, the kids playing cricket on the ground, the soft colors of the afternoons after the sun has just taken leave for the day.

To be in sync with nature is perhaps the most beautiful thing in the world. I can imagine only one thing that can beat it. A good night’s sleep after you have had a tiring day and have not been able to sleep well in several weeks.

How’s the summer shaping up in your part of the world? Do let me know in the Comments section!

Love and peace,


9 thoughts on “Welcome to a great summer morning!

  1. ᴇ ɴ ɪ ɢ ᴍ ᴀ

    My part of the world is the same place that you are staying in. So that’s pretty much the same.

    I was in Kolkata a few years back, but it was towards the end of Summer and the onset of Monsoon, so there was these rains and the aftermath of that. It was all great and a good experience. But only that I had gone there after staying a great many years at Bangalore, hence the humidity was a bit difficult to adjust. Besides that, it was a good place.

    Have a great summer yourself. 🙂


    1. Arpita Post author

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! In my excitement of the beautiful Monday morning, I had kind of overlooked how hot and humid the summers in Bengal can get 😛 Your response brought that part of the memory back 😀

      Wish you a great summer too 🙂

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  2. Sourav

    Reminds me of the beautiful poem that we read in school, The Brook. I remember, when we were kids, Norwesters were my favourites. A ragy prologue was followed by big raindrops, heavy rain, rainbows ending with quiet soft streamy evenings. And if the rain stopped before sunset, all the treetops bore golden yellow tinges and we would play in the water on the field. Somewhere some branch would definitely fall causing a load shedding, and obviously we were waived off of our evening studies.


    1. Arpita Post author

      That was one long poem, spanning three pages if I am not mistaken. That was the poem which introduced us to alliteration right? Good memories! 🙂



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