Things I do to keep my life organized and Happy Rakhi!

I am a sucker for order: I like to keep things where they belong so it’s easier for me to find them. I can proudly say that I lose things very rarely, so when I really do, I find it really surprising.

Last night I had a great sleep and I feel very positive right now. Wanted to spread a little bit of that through this blog-post. Here are a few things that I do to keep things and my life organized:

  • Return things where they belong, even if they take thirty seconds of extra time – so yes, that means placing all the washed clothes exactly where they should go, rather than piling them all over the bed
  • Buy things that make life easier – I am someone who does not splurge on shopping, but I am a big fan of purchasing things that make things simpler for me. For example, my recent purchase of a blender helped me make smoothies in almost no time, and indirectly improved my diet by helping me include more greens in it!
  • Buy non-perishable things in bulk, so that you don’t have to make a list every other weekend and go out to shop. This includes things like soaps, shampoos, whole grains, pulses etc., anything and everything that you end up shopping way too often or end up forgetting when you go out to shop
  • Have a minimal lifestyle – I own very few things: few sets of clothes, only couple of utensils that I use on a regular basis, I don’t subscribe to any magazines or e-accounts. Again, this does not mean that I’m asking you to do the same, but a little moderation doesn’t hurt!
  • Pay bills on time – The first week of the month is meant towards paying bills. As soon as my salary is credited, I ensure that I pay all the outstanding bills possible, so I don’t have to worry later about the same
  • Do things before time! Extending the last point, at times it helps to just do something before you are even required to do it. I have noticed that I procrastinate the most when the clock is ticking like a time-bomb, but if I start on a project way ahead in time, it’s finished before I know it!
  • Take a walk, write in a journal, meditate or just simply, introspect – Spend some time pondering about the clutter in your life. You’ll be surprised to find the amazing de-cluttering ideas that you can come up on your own!

So, these are couple of things which help me keep my life easy. How about you? If you have any tips or ideas that I can use, please let me know in the Comments! 🙂

Oh, and here’s wishing all the brothers and the sisters Happy Rakhi! Celebrate the togetherness! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Things I do to keep my life organized and Happy Rakhi!

  1. Goin' the extra...aaamile

    Wow! This is really good. I’d appreciate a girl like you with the above qualities. Like seriously! Nothing like keeping things organized… it shouldn’t be OCD though :p
    My favorite was *Have a minimal lifestyle* – my personal recommendation too.


      1. Arpita Post author

        Hahaha! I expected exactly this kind of reaction. Let’s just say I belong to the 1% of urban adult population which hasn’t fallen into the trance of FRIENDS 😀


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