The Dichotomy of Creators | An Essay

You know there comes this phase in life for all creative people where they are trying to discover their styles? That point you don’t know where your ground lies, what is it that you are trying to express and what is the right medium to express yourself?

When a plant is born from a seed, does it know what it is meant to grow for?

I’m kind of going through that phase. We are alive in a century when anything and everything seems possible. There are so many ways today to express yourself. You could write, you could paint. You could take pictures, you could tattoo your body black. You could cook and make your dishes look beautiful. You could make movies, produce songs, produce music. You could just talk, become a speaker. You could write poems, you could perform your poetry. You can act, you can dance. You can be a digital artist, you can make animation, you can make cartoon or magic worlds. The possibilities are endless.

When the seed pushes against the soil, the soft, gradual push of the tissues, does it know that it’d come to see a world of sunlight, a world of the pleasant monsoon breeze?

As far as I can remember, I have expressed myself creatively through my writing. I have a special bond with the pen/pencil/keyboard. That’s something that I have perfected over the years. When back in 2011, I was on, I came across so many different styles of poetry, so many different styles of prose. “Baby shoes. For Sale. Never Worn.” And even to this day, writing remains my primary form of thinking (unless of course, when I am walking and thinking to myself, or talking to someone and thinking out loud). But over the years, I have come to realize that sometimes I want to express myself through something more than writing. Something more visual, something more auditory (auricular). So, I bought a camera and I clicked photos and made videos. I added sounds to the videos and I found my peace. For a while.

How does the first wisp of breeze feel on a newly born leaf?

But then, I realize that making videos has something very closely to do with the world around us. That world is peopled by peoples, by rules, by regulations, by fashion, by money, by trade, by technology. By history, by politics, by biology, by physics. By relationships. By reference systems. It is a complex world. It is a multi-dimensional world. I am thankful I have the five senses to grasp this world. But at any given point in time, can I truly grasp it in all the dimensions that it exists in? As-is? Simply grasp the world as it exists?

The baby plant continues to grow – by some prehistoric rule-set that dictates its growth, encoded in its DNA. It does not have the ability to think, to shape how it grows. It merely responds to the stimuli the world provides it. The direction of the sun, the kind of the soil.

Existing as a human in this world is complex, if not difficult. We are fighting to maintain status quo. We are fighting to destroy status quo. We are hungry to find a new world. We want to travel back in time and explore the era of corsets and kings and monarchs. We want to be free in choosing who we love. We want to be fit and not give in to the sedentary modern lifestyle. But if you are a creative person, sometimes, the world feels even more complex. Because you are not just trying to live it. You are trying to understand it.

And so… the plant can become a tree, without bothering to understand the world around it. It could be a dumb, blind witness to generations of life forms, and still be in a healthy state.Β 

And so, I envy the seed. I envy the plant. I envy the tree. I envy every simple life form that can exist without having the obligation to understand. To be understood. Yet, when I am feeling lucid and I can write what I exactly feel in the depths of my tissues (without knowing if it’s the heart, or the brain or the chemical reactions in the nervous system that allows me to do it), I feel grateful that I am a higher form of life. I am human. And that’s something to be grateful for.

7 thoughts on “The Dichotomy of Creators | An Essay

  1. DeepikasRamblings

    Nicely expressed Arpita. You do have a connect with your pen and probably, you can think of authoring a book? Well, as you are already doing it, you can delve into the depths of various options and connect with what best relates to you.


    1. Arpita Post author

      Hey Deepika! Nice to hear from you πŸ™‚ It’s been a while.

      Yeah, there was a point when I self-published two books. And believe me, as I was writing this essay, I was just thinking to get back to it too. πŸ™‚ Hope things are great at your end!


      1. DeepikasRamblings

        Yes, arpita. Had been out of blogging past few months..
        Just getting back to it. Am doing good. Thank you.
        How have you been doing?
        It’s great that you have already self published two books. Great going. Keep us posted on your decision.


      2. Arpita Post author

        Yes, same here. I think I posted this one after more than 40 days.

        I’m doing fine, except I need to get a bit physically active. But I m experimenting with multiple types of creative mediums so that is nice.

        Look forward to getting back to reading all of you guys’ posts. I haven’t been reading anything lately. Good luck, and yeah, if there’s a new book, I’ll definitely be talking about it here. πŸ™‚


  2. Srinivasan

    Very well written. There is no bounds to try what you have in your mind. On one side where we are bending to the stimuli of this society around us, we can spend some time on us and explore what we want to be. It might be a baby step but then it also gives some satisfaction.



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