Summer Colours

Have you ever been in a situation where you knew there are things you want/need to do, but didn’t end up doing because life happened?

As a person, there are several things which recharge me creatively: writing, reading, gardening, sketching, making videos and so on. However, when the going gets tough work-wise, I end up focusing singlemindedly on that and forget that there are other things to life than just that.

This March my work calendar was crazy. Naturally, I did very less to energize myself. The interesting part is, amid all that business, I was also organizing a sustainability related event at work. It meant that I had to work few hours extra every day, but sustainability is a cause that I am passionate about, hence I wanted to do all I could to help. The event was on World Forest Day and Water Day. I had to make a presentation on a beginner’s journey in gardening, showcasing all the plant collection that I have. I made a colorful presentation that captured all the hues of my garden. I have to admit though, at the time, I did question how much value add that presentation would be to the audience. Also, until the event, I was considering making the presentation a chore rather than something to enjoy.

But having made the presentation and brightening my mood with the colors, I was left with a different feeling. I realized that I had lost touch with my garden (my mother was doing all the watering/pruning herself) and I needed to get back on track. To that effect, I have again become active in my garden and am gradually adding summer colors to it. You’re welcome to have a look at my journey on my Instagram id: @arpitamanick

Until next time!

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