Home and Books

Sometimes, we need to be around people from very different from us to just nudge us exactly how much we need to be in the direction we need to be in.

I’m sitting in this room, a small 10 by 10 feet room, with a large bed, a brown table and a few chairs. There’s a cubical inverter that consumes space in one of the corners. There’s a book case right opposite me stacked to the brim. There a tiny money plant on a shelf with the wifi router, right above the inverter.

It’s a functional room. It’s the front room of our house.

With my father taken from us, I keep thinking of creating a home somewhere else. But in reality, this is the house I grew up in – this is what home always would be. And maybe, we should protect that at all costs. Maybe, this should stay, in spite of how much our lives change, exactly how it is, today. Maybe, I should come back to this home, many years later, flanked by kids, and let them see the home I grew up in.

I started reading Amitav Ghosh’s The Shadow Lines yesterday. I was planning to buy a Kindle last night, but then I thought, let me at least get used to the idea of reading electronically. I do, of course, read a lot electronically. Web pages and emails. Mostly all my serious reading happens on screens. But one needs to to read for pleasure as well. I realize I have been reading so little for pleasure, just to feel good.

So started with Amitav Ghosh yesterday. It’s feeling good so far.

Until later.

2 thoughts on “Home and Books

  1. susurrus

    Books have always been a great support to me in good times and bad. I’m so glad you have a love of reading and writing to help you through this sad, stressful time.



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