Be my Lake

When we interact with each other as individuals, we share our energies. We share our thoughts. These thoughts generate tiny ripples in other people, so much so that they may be moved to act in a way they otherwise would not.

In life, most of us are rivers. We are in a constant state of flow. There are streams of dirt and dust that we accumulate throughout our journey, but our flow keeps us going and keeps us fresh.

There are probably very few people we meet in life who are lakes. Self-contained bodies of water that are pure and unperturbed by the dirt and dust of quotidian life. These people are precious because when you sit with them for a few minutes, in peace, you can see your true self reflected. They, by virtue of doing nothing and just being themselves, reflect a version of you that you may not be consciously aware of.

Not all of us will be lucky to meet such people in our lives. Most of us have to be at peace with the fact that we will be rivers and we will meet more rivers like us. Our waters will mix, swirl, generate tiny waves and in that process, dirt and dust would float, sediment, sink and even dissolve.

But sometimes, in rare moments of introspection, we may be lucky to find ourselves at peace. Maybe because the wind is not fierce, maybe because the beauty of the moon has no pull over us. It takes a lot of time, and effort, to reach here. And in this instant, we hold the power to be lakes ourselves and mirrors to all who come to our banks, in our paths of interaction.

But one must be careful, because sometimes, the power of our interactions may be so strong that we lose the calm of our waters. It may be so strong that small ripples break out on our surfaces and we lose who we are.

Love is powerful. And sometimes when we love someone we make them rivers too, even those who were lakes once. But in the end, when all is said and done, may it be that our lovers return to being the lakes they were when we met. Because that is who we fell in love with, and in the process, loved ourselves a little more too.

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