It rained and I made some fruit juice…

I just finished making some fruit juice for myself the old-style way. The fruit was a wood apple, a typical summer fruit in West Bengal, India. I have always loved the sweet taste of it. My mother made the best juices out of it when we were younger and were thirsting for some drink on a hot summer day. She makes them even now – I love ’em.

Today my mother and brother are both out, today being a Saturday and all, at our family medical store. It was my dad’s shop back in the day, but my mother regularly helped out. Now she’s become the proprietor and my brother goes and helps out once in a while. Voids fill up. It’s beautiful.

So I broke the wood apple by hitting it against the floor – it broke into two nice pieces with a clean crack. I scooped out the orange stuff with a spoon in a big bowl. Then, I kneaded the orange thingy with my bare fingers to smoothen it out. Then I poured some water and made it into a drink. Of course, I had to filter out the seeds and the fibrous parts with some effort. Then added some sugar, and voila! I had a lovely drink ready for myself. It felt nice, to make my hands useful.

I was reading this book today “Steal Like An Artist” by Austin Kleon. In that book, the author talks about working with your hands. About how ideas stem not just from sitting in a static position but from moving along, being in the motions. I agree. I walk a lot. I walk while I talk on the phone. I generally go for a walk. Walking is the only exercise that I ever do. It’s the only exercise I can get myself to do regularly. And I do think when we are in motion, ideas come our way.

By the way, it rained today. I thought the entire April would go without any rains whatsoever, but today was the last day of April 2022 and there were rains! It was good.

In the last post, I spoke a little bit about marriage. I’m thinking I’ll likely talk a lot more about it in the coming days in this space. This space has generally been the space for me to talk about anything and everything that is on my mind. I also want to talk about it because talking about it in a public forum makes me uncomfortable and I want to move past it.

As I have been looking at the Indian arranged marriage scene for the last two years or so, I have gone through many stages. I think I have to be truthful and say that for the most part, I hadn’t comprehended what an important life decision this was. While I think I have always known this in my core, that I could be a great person if I were married to the right person, part of the right family, but when it came to the thick of getting married, I wasn’t so sure what to look for. Now, don’t get me wrong – I like myself single quite much and I’m not saying I need a partner to make me particularly great. But I firmly believe that with the right person by your side, you become a better version of yourself.

I often tend to have self-doubt. This is why I need someone who can reassure me that I am on the right track from time to time. I need them to be supportive of my dreams. And I want dreams that are not just my own, but theirs too. I want a good story, a good life and a good family. And I want to work at it, with all its hardships and ups and downs. But in the end, I want to be able to sit down and feel proud of the life that we made together.

I haven’t come very close to finding a person like this yet. The pandemic especially made it hard. You couldn’t bring your whole self to this. But now, I want to. I want to step forward and own the life that I want to build, together with the person who can be the right person for me. I don’t know how it will come to be as of today, but I feel like something will work out. It always does.

What’s your idea of the right life partner?

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