Hello! Hola! Namaste!

I am your host, Arpita, on Scribbles@Arpita. Thank you for finding my blog and reading this!

I grew up in the tropical climes of West Bengal, quite removed from the political debates that one associates with Bengalis, enjoying my summers with mangoes and Kal boishakhi. I ended up living in Bangalore for 5.5 years after completing college, working first as an analyst and more recently in a managerial role in Unilever. Covid-19 has made me shift my base in the interim back in my hometown and I’m taking each day as a blessing getting to know the town I grew up in all over again. And also, as a tax-paying individual, now I find myself mildly interested in state and national politics, so perhaps in a way, I have come home, literally and figuratively. I also realize the thing that I missed about WB is the sense of community that are characteristic of small towns.

My interest areas are broad and diverse. As much as I like my job in the corporate world, I am a wannabe-manything (yes, I just made that up). I love my plants (currently growing pumpkin, tomatoes, okra and cucumbers), raising little street puppies (have adopted two – one white with orange spots, the other orange-brown). I have dabbled in painting and sketching (Insta handle: @arpitapramanickarts). I also write when I feel like (currently working on my third book, a contemporary novel tentatively called “Paper ‘Ships” in the New Adult genre). I have previously self-published two books: Bound by Life and How I tamed the dragon named fear. When I feel the need for a more visual platform to get my ideas across, I make YouTube videos. You get the drift, I hope?

I have had this blog since 2015 with varying levels of activity. I’ve promised myself I’ll work hard on maintaining this regularly in 2021. There’s no strict schedule that I follow, but you can count on me publishing at least three posts per week. Current interest areas for the blog: writing, books (including fiction and non-fiction), political debates, art and creativity, social responsibilities etc.

If there’s anything that you feel we can collaborate on, please do drop me a note, mentioning clearly how you’d want to collaborate. For example, if you’re a new author and would like to have your work read and reviewed by me, you can reach out. If you’re interested in expanding your portfolio by writing a guest post on my blog, you’re welcome! If you want to talk YouTube, that works too. Let me know!

Last edited on: 18th Apr, 2021

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    1. Arpita Post author

      Thank you very much. And trust me, there’s still much time ahead to give wing to that dream of yours. It’s okay to be lazy when you’re young πŸ˜› That’s the perk of youth.

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