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Arpita Pramanick is a little, young woman with a bright face (who'd rather not look directly into a stranger's eye) you'll find walking on the corridors of Mu Sigma, Inc. She tells herself she wants to be a properly published writer (by which she means she wants to be published from the likes of Penguin), but isn't really so sincere about writing everyday. So if you see her, tell her to go write. She'll love you for doing that!

Interview with Yashluv Virwani

Originally posted on Trina Looks Back:
Today is the Day 6 of Write Tribe Festival of Words #6. Today’s prompt: Feature a guest – a guest post / an interview. Today’s post is my personal favourite, that I wrote for this…

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Getting back on track – Part 2

In the last post, I talked about depression and how I have been recently trying to make some changes in my life to deal with it. I shared the post on Facebook. A lot of people have reached out to … Continue reading

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Getting back on track – Part 1

For close to 8 months now, I have been struggling with mild depression. I had been going through a rough relationship patch, work life was hectic and there was little that I had been doing besides worrying about how stale … Continue reading

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What horror movies are all about?

Yesterday, my team at work made sudden plan of meeting up today, grabbing lunch and spending some time together. We did meet up today at the nearby mall. There were the four of us and a last  minute plan to … Continue reading

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Taking back control

For the longest time, My life was going downhill. D-O-W-N-H-I-L-L! People around me were leaving, By the day, I was becoming emptier. The emotions and inspirations that drove me once, No longer drove me. I waited for things to happen. … Continue reading

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Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!

A big part of grown up life is about taking decisions. Starting from what to cook for dinner, whether or not to buy the phone you have always wanted to, whether to move to a new place, when to say … Continue reading

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FREE BOOK PROMOTION | Silhoutte of the Past

Sometimes it’s best to keep the past dead and buried…… A stormy day, a corpse and a group of suspects. Three years after the death of Maribeth, seven people have gathered together at the same place for a business deal. … Continue reading

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