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The beauty of being a woman

This morning I was in my flatmate’s room and saw the wonderful wall designs she has recently put up. I found the room tastefully decorated and personalized, with a lot of pictures of hers and twinkling electric lights. With its … Continue reading

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The rains that wash away

The night was dark and grey. The city lights illuminated it, but the luminosity could not reach the depth of the darkness that lay in her heart. She was walking in the rain, the pitter-patter rain that smelled of late … Continue reading

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The grey clouds

A stupid fight on text. An endless wait to see if they respond. Why do you always have to be the one who has to budge first?┬áDecisions. Quick. Quick. I am not going to be the first one. Quick check … Continue reading

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You and Me Tag || The Blogger with a Recorder

Her forehead still bears proof of the overload of vermilion dumped on it on her marriage day. Her hands jingle with the sound of the conch shell bangles they put on the same day. Her always-bare hands are suddenly full … Continue reading

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Throbbing in a Stone Cage

The calm morning light was seeping in through the sheer white curtains. She opened her eyes, slowly, hoping to see the familiar bookshelf, the computer table and the calendar and the clock on the wall. None of the diffused familiarity … Continue reading

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