Digital Footprints


Meet Me!

  •  Being the self-published author of Bound by Life through Amazon Kindle Program, Amazon is my first home as an author, Find me on my Amazon Author Central Author Page.
  • Reach out to me on my Author Page on GoodReads. Got a question about my book? Ask me, start a discussion! Or read my reviews of the books I read.
  • Being a millennial, Facebook is the one social network I am most comfortable in. Follow me on my Facebook Page, Fictionally Yours.
  • Though, I am not much of a Twitter person, but I don’t mind learning my ways around it with your help. Say Hello to me on Twitter!
  • Are you on Wattpad? Meet me there! I love to read your works!

The Lady in Making~Bangalore Diaries: A blog to be launched in October after I move to Bangalore to start my first job.

I am also part of a wonderful blogging community, Kolkata Bloggers:


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