Around the time I started Scribbles@Arpita, I was reading Tammy L. Gray’s book, Shattered Rose. I loved it and subsequently, requested the author for an interview. I was extremely delighted when she agreed; I have grown up reading interviews of authors, movie stars and directors in newspapers, and to hold my first ever interview on this blog was something very special! Little did I know then that these interviews would become a monthly feature on this blog.

This page contains the links of all the interviews that has been published on this blog. The page will be updated from time to time as more interviews are added. Stay tuned!

Update: If you’re an author and would like me to feature your interview on this blog, please get in touch with me via the contact form given below.

List of interviews published on Scribbles@Arpita

  1. 6th January, 2016 – Anand, Blogger at Anand’s Parodies and Caricatures
  2. 18th November, 2015 – Alex Bruty, Author and Mentor at The WoMentoring Project
  3. 28th October, 2015  – Kaisy Wilkerson-Mills, Co-author of The Dystopian Nation of City-State
  4. 26th August, 2015 – Kelly Miller, Author of the Detective Kate Springer Series
  5. 29th July, 2015 – Jahnavi Chintakunta, Author of Ctrl+Alt+Del
  6. 24th June, 2015 – Joanna Barnard, Author of Precocious
  7. 13th May, 2015 – Doug Lance, Chief Editor, eFiction Magazines
  8. 8th April, 2015 – Tammy L. Gray, Author of Winsor Series 

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